Well people say there is not a feeling like being at home. Might be… Might not be… As far as I am concerned, it is not. I mean there are some aspects you always find which makes you feel attracted towards your home, but there are many more interesting features to be explored in the hostel. As many of the young readers would agree, the excitement of going back to home dies away not more than 7 days after reaching home. A place like hostel gives you more freedom to live your life the way you like. Here you come across people, their views and thoughts. You try to develop your own stand on issues that you see. Some concern you in particular, others can be generalised to the society. In my view, hostels are the true schools which engineer a complete person out of you.

Take friends for example, the building blocks of a hostel. This is the place where you understand their true worth. With parents far away from reach, you know that you would have to turn to them whenever you are in need, you make friends out of natural instinct and time continuously tests your friendship; mostly strengthening them in each test. This is the time you come to realise the difference between your parents and the friends. Any number of times you let your parents down, any number of times you ask a favour from them; you are sure that they would never leave you alone. Friends in the hostel are closer to reality. Friendship never works one way. You can’t be the sole person to demand in a friendship. Even the society works in a similar way. However friends are gentler than the society. They are not traders who count the number of favours done by them and expect the count to exactly match the number of favours done by their friends. The hostel teaches you how to make friends, and more importantly how to be a good friend.

There are many other facets of life which the hostel teaches you. It is the last frontier of life before you go to face the society head on. It is the last frontier where mistakes regarding important decisions in life can mostly be rectified without causing much of harm. And in my opinion it is the only place where you can discuss, analyse and question any system of the society and ask “Why is life the way it is?”