God said, “Let mathematics be beautiful” and hence came figures like the one showcased above. And henceforth this angel has been continuously en-captivating people like me. This is truly a source of seamless beauty and in truest sense a joy forever. Welcome to the world where the harder you analyse, the richer the object becomes… Welcome my dear friends, to the world of fractals…

I hope that the title figure has already invoked curiosity if not amazement in your minds. But you are right; isn’t it just another picture? I bet, it can be anything but not ‘yet another picture’. Here is the reason; zoom into any boundary of the picture, and you get…

and further in…

Keep going!

And finally after zooooooming into one little corner you would see


A miniature Mandelbrot.

And take my word for it – the whole of the first figure (the original Mandelbrot) is composed of infinitely many miniatures of itself.

What is even more fascinating is that such figures have a family of their own – figures composed of miniature copies of themselves. Here I showcase a few more of their kind


The Newton Fractal

The Julia Set

The Sierpinski Carpet

Zoom into them and let your imaginations fly

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