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Date: 26th November 2012


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Subject: Application seeking leave and best wishes

Dear Readers

With due respect, I beg to say that due to end semester exams, I would be unable to posts on my blog ( up till 12th of December 2012. I understand that this might concern you a bit but I promise some posts when I return back which are as follows

1. A Poem to the Rains and Monsoon in India

2. Pictures of Chhath Puja in our campus

3. Snaps of some cuisines we enjoyed in Ahmadabad

4. Some Philosophy on Numbers

This is all I have thought for the moment. I invite suggestions for more topics from you. I also wish to take you in confidence with regard to the fact that I will read all your posts on a regular basis.

In return I solicit your blessings and wishes for my exams…

Seeking permission for the leave…

Yours Sincerely

Arindam Saha

Random Thoughts