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November 2012

Diu Trip in Photos: Part 5: Nagoa Beach

One of the most celebrated beaches of Diu featuring the unique branched palm trees… and of course the waves…

Hence Nominated

Recently I was humbled by nomination of my blog for one lovely blog award by Sakshi Vashist ( and Well for a very new blogger like me, it is an honour to get the nomination.

If you are not familiar with the award, here is what you have to do.

To accept this award:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.

2. Paste the award image on your blog.

3. Tell 7 facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other blogs that you would like to give the award to.

5. Contact the bloggers that you have chosen and let them know about the award.

Coming to facts about me; here I go

1. I am an undergraduate in Physics, aspiring to add a small contribution to understanding nature around us.

2. I am a die hard supporter of Open Source Software.

3. Favorite pass time – Doing experiments with my laptop.

4. About life – I believe that it is an opportunity to be dynamic, be happy and appreciate nature.

5. About spirituality – I feel that ‘All Spirituality is Physics, and all Gods are its Laws’.

6. I don’t know why but I am absolute love with local trains and buses.

7. I really aspire to visit places and meet people of different cultures.

That was difficult…

Now the more difficult part…

The 15 blogs I nominate are (not in any order of preference)

1. Dedepuppets –

2. Sakshi Vashist –

3. To be Aware –

4. Bits and Pieces on Photo –

5. Articles for Thought –

6.  Mr. Moonlight Flippflopp –

7. Risikati’s Notes –

8. Canadian Hiking Photography –

9. Thoughts of a Lunatic –

10. One Life –

11. Provoked –

12. ThePurplePen –

13. Chris Martin Writes –

14. Maria Prceioso –

15. Poetryblogofmine –

That was tough!

Keep writing Bloggers!

What is it that we call Almighty

The warm sun in the sky which greets

The tender sapling beside the streets

The sapling amazed by the world so bright

As he sees the first daylight


Looking around, he searches for mates

Some tender, and others too great

He feels the breeze, and joyous he sways

Unaware of the sorrows and dismays.


How did the trees grow so tall?

Why do some fly while others crawl?

Oh dear sun; the bright; the mighty!

What is it that we call almighty?


And then the sun, shining high

Showed the sapling how birds fly

The joy and thrill to be absolutely free

To fly for miles and find a tree.

And then he said of the Kukoo’s song

The giant elephants with trunks too long

The flowers which blossom; the fragrance they spread

The colours they posses – blue, yellow and red.

All of us come here with an aim

A target; an objective we have to proclaim

A dream to add to the beauty of nature

To admire the present and build a future

Here I am on the top of the sky

Watching you all as you laugh and cry

It is my warmth that helps you grow

It is me who guides you through rain and snow.

We all seek joy peace and satisfaction

Joy of achievement, completeness and perfection

This joy is what we seek precisely

This joy is what we call almighty.

Diu Trip in Photos: Part 4: INS Khukri

On one of the most picturesque shores of Diu lies the memorial of INS Khukri which sank near the Diu coast as she was hit by three torpedoes during the 1971 Indo-Pak War. May the Gallantry Warriors rest in peace.








Diu Trip in Photos Part 3: The Diu Caves

Caves – Sites which interest me the most

Diu Trip in Photos: Part 2: Portuguese Fort

Daman and Diu was a Portuguese colony till 1965. Here are snapshots from the invincible Portuguese fort of Diu.

Diu Trip in Photos: Part 1: Somnath Temple

This week, no more writing: Let the Images Speak


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