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December 2012

The Great Game of Chess

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“What do you do? I mean what do you physicists do? All you seem to be doing all day is reading books, reading research papers, (and more often) playing computer games, blogging and (most importantly) sleeping. Do you at all do anything?”

Well the question posed above; although in a satirical fashion is a genuine one. And whenever people ask them this question to anyone studying or doing physics, they receive a reply far beyond their understanding; as the answer is loaded with jargon far beyond a sane mind can grasp (that’s why we are called insane by the sanes). But let me try to put a pictorial view of the work we do in general.

According to me, we observe a game of chess – A great game of chess – (or any other game of your choice, but here I take chess as the example). This game is being played by nature, and we are both its pieces and the spectators. The aim of observation is to understand its rules as much as we can. “What’s so tough about it; go to a rule book…” they would say. But the trouble is you never have a rule book. In fact, it is the rule book that we are trying to compile.

Now here are some interesting features of the task we do

1. By mere observation, you may conclude about the allowed moves; but you can never say about what cannot be done. Just because a move was never played, can never mean that the move is not allowed. So when we see an unusual move on the board, this creates a commotion in the physics community (things like objects moving faster than light, the production of Higg’s boson – or the God Particle). And this is the time when many of our presumed rules get striped off and new rules are made.

2. What if we know a law to be true (to the greatest of beliefs)? We then try to see its implications. Or in simple terms, translate the strict and complex language of nature into a more lucid language so that they can be applied to the daily life. This is the phase of transforming the horrendous Maxwell’s Equations (sorry for the technicality – they are some ugly looking laws of light) into mobile communication, Thermodynamics (laws of heat) to automobile engine and Quantum Mechanics (the laws of small things) into Quantum Computers – computers which would be a million times faster than today’s machines (oh.. I am reminded of my soul mate).

Beyond all these, there is another greater aim of what we do.

Nature is wonderful. It is like a treasure or a mine. The more carefully you see it; the better are you able to appreciate all its secrets. Through physics we try to unearth all secrets of this beautiful place by the equipment of logic and reasoning. The pleasure it gives to dig out a single jewel from here is greater than anything that I can imagine in my highly inexperienced career. It is a joy that can truly never perish.

What do you picture the portrait of nature? Tell me if you like…

And Merry Christmas to you all…

She is Sinking!



I knew this was coming… And now that the inevitable can be seen, let me admit it… But wait! First let me set up the obituary…



Oh my mate, my soul, the irreplaceable being

I know time was short… and the journey too long

I know that you were faithful to the best of your abilities.

Yes, I believe it was painful with all the punches on your heart

And the more than occasional twist that I caused on your neck.

I hope that you would forgive me for all the physical atrocities I committed on you.

You were but a brilliant and faithful comrade

You did the most complicated computations in seconds.

And not to forget the weird and complex logical networks of programs, small yet great

Which you resolved within the blink of an eye.

And in the test of all tests, you valiantly fought

And bore three operating systems on your small microchips;

When most of can’t survive two.

Yes! you make me proud…

But now I feel, you have become too old…

And understandably two of the three OS have given their lives up…

Even two heat sinks, a battery and a motherboard replacement does not seem to be enough to save you

Alas, I feel your time has come…


Others will come, but none can replace you…


In Grief

Arindam Saha

(The proud owner)



Yes my dear friends, my dearest laptop is on its death bead…

Moods of the Sky

It is amazing to see how different colours spread very differently on the greatest canvas the the world…

Presenting the shades of the same canvas at different times and at different places…










Restaurants and Food at Ahmadabad

The four layered Mocktail

Clicks of Some Mouth-Watering Delicacies…At Ahmedabad

Panner Tikka Masala
Another Delicacy: The Name Betrayed my memory
The all time favorite: Tandoori Chicken






Deep down beneath the heart

The root; the cause which fails to depart

The reason evident, yet not so clear

Mind occupied and blocked with fear

What would happen if the secrets get revealed

Respect lost and wounds never healed

Or how will life change if I fail

Will I be able to follow back my trail?

The fear of loss, the fear of pain

The fear of distrust, which I refrain

Fear en-captivates the bird which sings

Shatters its dreams and slashes its wings

Introspection is the key to conquer this terror

It acts as a large, shining and polished mirror

Place in your heart or yet very near

And make fear feel, the fear of fear

Humbled Again

A pleasant surprise to be nominated for The Sunshine Award “positively and creatively inspiring others in the blogosphere” (although I never knew that I did).

Algorithm to accept the award:

1. Thank the nominator (I suppose I ought to):

Well… Moral responsibility.

So I, Arindam Saha do hereby thank Asha for nominating my modest (worthless?) blog and do declare that I too enjoy reading your blog. 😛


2. Add award logo (I think I have to):



3. Answer the questions (Do I have to? ufff…):

Exams revisited… here they come…

Comics or Fiction ?

Fiction; I don’t know why

Trekking or Swimming ?

Trekking; as swimming is an alien art to me

Sweet or spicy ?

Sweet; tough one but… ya sweet it is

Sunset  or Sunrise?

Sunrise; beauty amplified by fog or dew

Comedy or Classic ?

Classic; don’t know why

Silence or Noisy?

Silence; reduce noise pollution

Winter or Summer ?

Winter; with the blanket and the extra sleep

Mountain Sight  or Beach Sight ?

Mountain; with the held high

Cooking or cleaning ?

Cooking; I tossed a coin for the sake of answering this – I hate both

Chicken or Fish ?

Chicken; ya I know my Bengali friends will kill me – I am brave.

Cheese or butter ?

Butter; with paratha made by mother


4. Nominate them further (Do I need to?)


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At Last!


Algorithm Completed!


That’s all for the day ( As I am feeling sleepy)


“I hate to tell you this Mom, but . . .”

A Tribute to motherhood…

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