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December 12, 2012

Humbled Again

A pleasant surprise to be nominated for The Sunshine Award “positively and creatively inspiring others in the blogosphere” (although I never knew that I did).

Algorithm to accept the award:

1. Thank the nominator (I suppose I ought to):

Well… Moral responsibility.

So I, Arindam Saha do hereby thank Asha for nominating my modest (worthless?) blog and do declare that I too enjoy reading your blog. 😛


2. Add award logo (I think I have to):



3. Answer the questions (Do I have to? ufff…):

Exams revisited… here they come…

Comics or Fiction ?

Fiction; I don’t know why

Trekking or Swimming ?

Trekking; as swimming is an alien art to me

Sweet or spicy ?

Sweet; tough one but… ya sweet it is

Sunset  or Sunrise?

Sunrise; beauty amplified by fog or dew

Comedy or Classic ?

Classic; don’t know why

Silence or Noisy?

Silence; reduce noise pollution

Winter or Summer ?

Winter; with the blanket and the extra sleep

Mountain Sight  or Beach Sight ?

Mountain; with the held high

Cooking or cleaning ?

Cooking; I tossed a coin for the sake of answering this – I hate both

Chicken or Fish ?

Chicken; ya I know my Bengali friends will kill me – I am brave.

Cheese or butter ?

Butter; with paratha made by mother


4. Nominate them further (Do I need to?)


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At Last!


Algorithm Completed!


That’s all for the day ( As I am feeling sleepy)


“I hate to tell you this Mom, but . . .”

A Tribute to motherhood…

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