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December 12, 2012

Humbled Again

A pleasant surprise to be nominated for The Sunshine Award “positively and creatively inspiring others in the blogosphere” (although I never knew that I did).

Algorithm to accept the award:

1. Thank the nominator (I suppose I ought to):

Well… Moral responsibility.

So I, Arindam Saha do hereby thank Asha for nominating my modest (worthless?) blog and do declare that I too enjoy reading your blog. 😛


2. Add award logo (I think I have to):



3. Answer the questions (Do I have to? ufff…):

Exams revisited… here they come…

Comics or Fiction ?

Fiction; I don’t know why

Trekking or Swimming ?

Trekking; as swimming is an alien art to me

Sweet or spicy ?

Sweet; tough one but… ya sweet it is

Sunset  or Sunrise?

Sunrise; beauty amplified by fog or dew

Comedy or Classic ?

Classic; don’t know why

Silence or Noisy?

Silence; reduce noise pollution

Winter or Summer ?

Winter; with the blanket and the extra sleep

Mountain Sight  or Beach Sight ?

Mountain; with the held high

Cooking or cleaning ?

Cooking; I tossed a coin for the sake of answering this – I hate both

Chicken or Fish ?

Chicken; ya I know my Bengali friends will kill me – I am brave.

Cheese or butter ?

Butter; with paratha made by mother


4. Nominate them further (Do I need to?)


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At Last!


Algorithm Completed!


That’s all for the day ( As I am feeling sleepy)


“I hate to tell you this Mom, but . . .”

A Tribute to motherhood…

The Worrywart's Guide . . . .

“I hate to tell you this Mom, but . . . ,”
Ralphie said with a concerned expression only a worrywart could appreciate.

We were making our way down the steep hill that leads to the triathlon registration table for Ralphie’s race the following day. A stream of weary athletes were pushing their road bikes up the hill. They had completed the “long course” earlier in the day, and one could tell by their limp posture that this dusty hill was draining every last bit of their energy.

I had just spent an hour parked in the “car staging area” with my adorable 11 year old niece playing “If you were an animal, what would you be?” and learning way too much information about my brother’s vocabulary when he is directed to drive in circles on a narrow campground road dodging hundreds of bleary-eyed racers as they  make their way…

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