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March 2013

When I Forget Myself


This is a poem that I write to myself for a day when I betray my nation and settle abroad. I earnestly hope I would never need to read it to myself…

Millions of dreams seen in eyes
Aspirations that grow as time flies
Hopes conjured of a better tomorrow
With much more joy and lesser sorrow

Don’t you see the privileged one!
The clever, the talented, second to none;
The endless desire, the helpless stare
Which looks upon you in times of despair?

You live in the land that sings of glory
Relive the pride, the forgotten story
Today our mother carves for the golden days
When knowledge and culture flowed our ways

What makes you leave your mother in pain?
There is wrong to be corrected; do not refrain
There are beautiful places you aspire to roam
But nowhere else will you find a second home

Millions of shoulders you stand upon
How dare you forget them and try to move on?
You traitor! who sings a selfish tone
Who used their dreams to live his own

Coward you are; scared of grief
You stole their hopes; you are a thief!
Didn’t think twice as you betrayed their future
You selfish man; a shameless creature!

Time is not gone; you are not dead
There is a hope; waiting to be spread
Come back to yourself; in this lovely world
There is a flag; waiting to be unfurled

The value of a smile is too high to be measured
For it has nothing but true joy to be treasured
Embrace the nation as she embraces you
See her smile as you start your life anew

The Tree and The Morning Sun

When Nature Greets us a Good Morning!


Let the randomness of the universe increase forever…


When You Meet You



Well, this poem poem has two authors…

It was originally posted by my friend pseudomonaz. The second half was added on by me…


You look tired,

Your hair is out of place,

There’s sadness in your eyes,

And dullness on your face.

Tell me,

Would you like you if you met you,

If that was the case?

You’ve isolated yourself,

There’s no one you could call,

No one would lend a hand,

If the next moment you fall.

Tell me,

Would you like you if you met you,

Just passing by the mall?

You’ve dreams,

Not a will to make them true.

You wish to fly,

But scared to try anything new.

Tell me,

Would you like you if you met you,

It that was something you were asked to do?

You’ve lost hope,

You don’t believe in god anymore,

Every turn in your life,

Those moments, the drive,

Now make you bore.

Tell me,

Would you like you if you met you,

Just ask your heart’s core?

You don’t love you,

You don’t believe.

You don’t trust you,

You don’t achieve.

Tell me,

Would you like you if you met you,

If this is the way you are going to live?


Shattered are dreams;
Among cries and screams.
Deserted is your heart
As you see them depart
All which is left is disgust and fear
A lonely soul with no one near

The ugly, the pale
Burdened with the fail
A lonely boat
Without a sail.

Maybe you won’t like you,
When you met you
But still…
Do meet your heart
When it’s torn apart.

Hear her out
Let her shout
Embrace her with care
As it utters reasons of despair

And then…

When the heart is nothing but void
No one to fear; none to avoid
Feel the joy which is yet again your own
Relive a dream which left you alone

With a dream in eyes
And life on a rise
You will be amazed by you
If you meet you…

Let the randomness of the universe increase forever…

– Introvert

Solitary Amidst the Green

Waiting for comrades…

Photo Credit: Subhradeep Misra

Let the randomness of the universe increase forever…

– The Introvert

Introspection of the Introvert


Today is a very special day for my blog! Reasons

1. It is almost my 50th blog post.
2. Today is almost the 1st birthday of my virtual blog.
3. Today my real blog almost turned 6 months old.

Getting to the point straightaway… My blog has two birthdays: One in February end (when it formally came into existence) and the other in September end (when the first post came into being). Notably, both all three of my initial claims are only approximately true. But I don’t care! It is still a very special day (because I say so).

I still remember the day when I got the first comment on my first post The Mound of the Dead by Dietlind Wagner. The ecstasy, the happiness, the pride. From then onward did start the journey that never looked back in time.

The blog as it stands today, has its own story to say…

Firstly, the name of the blog… “When Introvert Speaks” was inspired from my earlier pen name on the blog of our batch – ‘Introvert’. I wish I could provide you with the link to the blog, but sadly we lost the blog in an unfortunate accident. The title of the blog “Random Thoughts” should be perceived as “Thoughts of Random”. The name “Random” is my nick name in the hostel. More on ‘Random’ here.

Secondly, I would like to admit that the blog as it stands here has contributions from several people in various ways.
1. My friend Subhradeep – my travelling mate. Without him, this blog would not be as colourful as it is now.
2. My fellow bloggers in college – Mohit, Priyom and Vaibhav. Even if I am the more popular of them :P; they are more experienced and better bloggers than I am (That’s what I feel). They are one of my primary sources of inspirations for the blog.

Lastly, I would like to look back at some of experiences blogging. The first thing that comes into my mind is that I have a huge number of friends now. There are people whose blogs I look forth to read. And that ‘world is a beautiful place with wonderful people around’ has expanded its meaning for me.

I do realise that I had made promises which were never fulfilled (regarding the upcoming posts after the exams last year). To defend myself, I would say that, my failure should be pardoned on the grounds of me being a student (I can very see the flaw in the argument right away) and upon that a physics student (lazy).

One of my friends from Sri Lanka (Mekala Rodrigo) had described my blog as “Random thoughts from a Physicist about everything but physics”. I would like to add upon the ‘everything but physics’ part. Whatever I write is largely inspired by physics. I believe that physics, in its heart is not equations, jargon and weird names. It is more of a philosophy, an art and an attempt to admire nature. It is nothing but a very neat series of arguments in the quest to understand nature.

That’s all for the day… Hope to see your comments soon.

(I have finally decided to revert back to my original tagline, which I used in an earlier blog)

Let the randomness of the universe increase forever…

The Introvert

You should have queries regarding the tagline. Questions regarding it are not most welcome…

Sheer Bliss


Watch out for the fabulous streams
The fluttering butterfly; the million dreams
The jolly trees with their chattering leaves
Aspiring heart of the one who believes

The music of the breeze
Flowing with ease
In tunes of the song
Lost for long

The cloud which paints
Forms with no constraints
On the vast canvas unbound
Shapes familiar yet unfound

The music; the success; the glory
The satisfaction; the peace; the fury
The laugh; the cry; the pain
The great world tries to sustain

The vivid; The mysterious
The colourful; the joyous
The tiny; the elaborate
The life which we celebrate

Look at the unending grace
Waiting for someone to embrace
Close your eyes to open your mind
To the joys you are yet to find

Written in flow of emotions while listening to “Sheer Bliss” xomposed by Anuradha Pal.


The First Spring


Well, the grass was just too long for him; but who cares! It was the first spring in his life! With so many colours around, he really had a tough time posing for the snap. You can’t be ‘just casual’ about the background flowers with so many choices around.

“Doesn’t white suite me the best?”

“No, thet are too dull. Are you a grandpa? Buck up man! be more cheerful. Orange it should be.” said Mouse.

“Don’t be silly, red’s the best. Take a snap in then no time would you see ladies swarming around you.” countered Harvey

” And how many times have you tried and failed to please Deutsch Fraulein? Talking of pleasing ladies! Huh! Take my word. Magenta is the way to go.”, Witch added in an affirmative tone.

And soon was the whole area down with commotion. Typical Dede style. In the world where giving advice is free, everyone gets his share.

Dejected and confused, Alien slowly sidelined himself. And then suddenly a tiny little creature caught his attention. Curious, he ran towards the flower it was sitting on. But the creature was too quick to fly off to another one. And elated, he continued chasing. It was a butterfly after all. And surely they were not found in Mars. And getting hold of it would only be a dream come true.

However, Alien was not the only one to notice the butterfly. Sunny, an aspiring photographer (in those days) did pretty well to capture the moment. Probably it was the best snap he ever took. The elation was evident on his face. But there was a small problem – he missed the butterfly.

That was a wonderful day, when all the Dedes were out to celebrate the spring. And this photo which Sunny presented him that day, was the most wonderful gift he ever had. After reliving the moment for long he kept this photo back in the drawer. And then as he looked out of his window, at the colourful carpet of leaves on the roadside; he exclaimed with a smile, “This world can never be boring!”. Can it?

This story is written to be submitted to to a competition on my friend’s blog ( She is a wonderful artist and an online hermit. Don’t forget to visit her parallel universe!

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