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June 2013

Just like a flower


To sway in the swift summer breeze
Without compulsions but with ease
To flow with joy, sorrow and emotion
A strange lunacy, unparalleled devotion

May I live in the present, the current hour
And flow ceaseless with time, just like a flower

To bloom with glory in the springs
Or be the fragrance which it brings
To reach the pinnacle and whither away
With memories in heart of the wonderful day

May I rinse in this joyous, eternal shower
As I stand in the rain, just like a flower

With vivid colours and everlasting charm
To wear a smile and mean no harm
To be so vivid, complex yet pure
To be the joy which shall endure

May I seek such immense power
To fragrant the crusher, just like a flower

Inspired by the post by Le Superkikke

Hope carries on…

The following poem is written in flow while listening to this amazing piece by ‘The Corrs’

Floating along the waves of time
Immersed in the flow of this soothing rhyme
I see a world pious and serene
With the singing birds and forests green

And I, a traveler passing by
To where eternity does lie
Bathing in the river of realisations
Witnessing his various incarnations

Behind the beauty, a truth does lie
Like the bright sun in a clouded sky
By the glory of which, enchanted I fly
To reach beyond the clouds, I relentlessly try

Efforts are made, endeavours are done
The journey itself seems to be fun
The joy is immense, when a part is revealed
How great will be the ecstasy when truth is concealed?

Time is too short, too long is the sail
Failures too guide me through the trail
Sailing through the dusk, waiting for the dawn
Efforts may fail, but a hope carries on…



Sometimes you feel, the world is against you
Moments of joy are a countable few
Sometimes in the heart an anger awaits expression
But it waits too long, and comes out as depression
Sometimes your love, does not return the favour
Any attempt of bridging is but a failed endavour

Sometimes the night seems too long
Ways seem lost and thunders too strong
Sometimes in the mind, we house a fear
A fear whose voice only we can hear
Sometimes your rival overpowers you in war
And all you are left with is a deep burning scar

Sometimes in life you ask for a second try
But knowing there is none, you can only cry
Sometimes in life, you know you’re right
But the time’s too worse to showcase your might

Sometimes you watch victory pass by
Sometimes you see ambitions simply die
Sometimes you believe you can acheive success
Sometimes knowing that you still refuse to progress

Sometimes betrayed is your belief which persisted
You seem to be lost, secluded and cheated

Those are the times you must not loose your will
Move along, and never stand still
As repenting will only double your grief
Shatter the confidence, weaken your belief

But do slow down for a moment to ponder
Let free your mind, let it wonder
Where were you wrong, why do you suffer?
Why is it that life seems tougher?

Realise the problem, and think of a solution
Modify the way, multiply your devotion
Demistify your mind, and never look back
Sometimes do check if you are on the right track…

I still follow you


This is another poem with two authors…
The first part is by my friend themuulticoloredarc and the second part is added (as a response) by me…

We were walking on a road,
Hand in hand,
You didn’t seem your usual self,
Out of blue, you decide to race,
Not with me, with the world,
All I wanted was to be with you….

So I started following you,
Not because I could’t lead,
Coz I trusted you with the right path,
Knew that at times you would fall,
But I would be there to help you walk…

But I began to lag behind,
And you didn’t care to stop,
The distance grew,
And I had to shout to tell you how much I love you…
But you got into a stride,
And my feelings were unheard…

But I still follow you,
You think you don’t need me,
I know you more,
If only you would turn around,
Ohh, I can fix myself,
It’s the love I won’t be able to fix…

A day will come when you won’t be able to find me,
Not coz I won’t be there,
It’s you who won’t be able to recognize me,
blinded by your pride…


I stand alone on a mysterious land
Yelling for help, your supporting hand
The world seems unknown, a bit too grand
The wind is too strong for me to withstand

I feel strange, powerless, shattered and weak
Your caring touch; the words of love, is all that I seek
But loneliness and seclusion seem to be dense
It is only now that I realise my offense

Oh I was mad, too lifeless to feel
That you would be lost in this time of ordeal
I was too sure that I would stand tall
But never could I perceive this disastrous fall

I was too selfish to race up the track
Too cruel and brutal, not to look back
The glare of success made me blind
And slowly I forgot, that you lagged behind

Indeed the track was of success and glory
But that is not the complete story
Not a moment of joy or glory is worthwhile
If success is not celebrated, and unnoticed goes a smile

So I turn back and follow my trail
With a hope in heart that will never fail
That you would be waiting for me on the track
And sooner than later, I would come back…

Paradise… Not too far…

With not much money in hand and just the strong breeze as my companion, I visited a place, which I am convinced is not far from paradise. A city so wonderfully built that one can walk through its lanes forever and never get tired (I walked for 4 hours, and want to visit the city again). Not many ‘tourist spots’ as such but the city by itself is definitely worth a visit. Officially I visited only two spots… The Kronenburger Park and the Bridge. But what I enjoyed the most was walking on the streets…

Here are the flowers which greet you as you enter the park…




And if that was not enough to bring a smile onto your face, meet these extremely fearless birds. They hardly do care about a huge 6 feet tall figure approaching them (oops I forgot; I used to be tall in India… Here they might be habituated to see taller figures all day 😦 ).






Well talking of heights, there were two ‘creatures’ who really stand tall, gaurding the city…


Ya.. but we too are humans, it wouldn’t be difficult for us to cross the bridge…


stand on one of them and look around the park…


And then again… I move on through the streets to click snaps of the city which embaraces you with its charm…





Only to reach the railway station…


whose call to come back home was ignored by the enchanted traveler. Strolling through further in the opposite direction (guided by the faint memory of Google Maps), I come across a street which caught my attention; and 15 seconds later did I realise that I was on the Bridge… and hence started my long walk across the Bridge…










On my way back, standing on a bridge vibrating along with the breeze, and looking at the amazing city, I realised, maybe this is the way, we the humans can add our bit to the beauty of nature, and perhaps make it closer to the paradise…

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