How does it feel, on a long unending trail

Or in a voyage with oceans to sail?

With so much to see, so much to adore

Having moments countable, but much to explore


The destination is beautiful, as in your dreams

With lakes and gardens, and countless streams

With birds and butterflies flying around

A place where joy is eternal and  unbound 


The only constraint which remains is time

Travelling too fast, way too sublime

Challenging your limits and your might

Shadowing your mind and filling it with fright


The path once taken cannot be retraced

You cannot give up once challenges are faced

You are free not to to choose the trail

But if once taken, you simply can’t fail


Wait for a moment and out you race

Trying to beat time with your pace

Maybe you fall, but quickly you do rise

You have a bleeding knee, but you never realise

A goal so enchanting that the pain disapears

You care no threats, dangers or fears

Emotions don’t slow down your pace

Mind is steady and undeterred does it race


Slowly the thoughts of beauty and pleasure

Are no longer the things you really treasure

Heart doesn’t fear if at all does it fail

Nor does it think of the beauty of the trail

When selfless, it thinks of nothing but the goal

Focused is your mind, body and soul


And suddenly the trail seems no long

The journey eases and flows as a song

A moment passes and the target is reached

A strong fortress seems easily breached


Aim the target, and target alone

Not the pleasures for which it is known

Victory will then await as you come

And one with the target you do become