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August 2013

Once Again…

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Once again does roar the thunder
Once again pours down the rain
Once again does the world wonder
Is it the time when you end our pain?

Once again filled is the breeze
In those melodius tunes divine
And restless am I to flow in ease
Amongst the waves of joy prestine

Once again does the world await
To get a glance of the innocent smile
The smile too rare, the smile too great
The smile mysitifying, yet too agile

Once again are the earthen pots
Filled up with milk and butter
As we wait for you mischievious lot
To see you steal them without any clutter

Adorned with your peacock quill
Come O Lord with a flute in hand
O carrier of joy, peace and goodwill
Come again to embrace this land…

A Very Happy Janmashtami to all of you.

Krishna, one of the most beloved characters of Hindu Mythology was born on this day. May he reside in our hearts forever…

Dedicated to him is this beautiful music on his own musical instrument… The Flute… Enjoy…


In these threads of silk are wound
Emotions deep; promises profound
Immortal love – selfless and blind
Hope and belief, so hard to find

Drenched in memories, these threads do say
The tales of celebrations; joy and dismay
Those relentless quarrels, the unending talks
The mischievous pranks and never-ending walks
The smile that hides thousands of words
The same old jokes and the games absurd

These strings do fight a battle with time
To preserve these memories in form of a rhyme
Patiently they wait, as they wait for long
Carrying priceless memories and a belief strong
Years do pass, but the hope does persist
That one day they would adorn a brother’s wrist.

Forget not the path O Traveler


Today as we celebrate our 67th Independence Day, I could not resist recollecting a poem by Shiv Mangal Singh Suman. On this occasion let me attempt a translation of this inspiring poem…
(The poem in Hindi can be found here)

Forget not the path O Traveler
There will be thrones on the way
And so will be forests, rivers, streams
And mountains and gardens green
But in this mirage of beauty and charm
Forget not the path O Traveler

When on this stern treacherous way
The pedestrian would be desperate
When dreams are all wiped off
And the only way is to move ahead
Then depressed by your first failure
Forget not the path O Traveler

When even your dear ones turn back
And appear to to be strangers
And dark monstrous clouds of dejection
Surround you at each step
Then in this solitary phase of journey
Forget not the path O Traveler

On hearing the loud war cry
When soldiers would be marching ahead
When a few hearts would melt
And tears would urge you not to go
In this battle of love and duty
Forget not the path O Traveler

When a few heads are all that’s required
To complete the glorious garland of victory
When your mother cries out for sacrifice
For the never-ending flame of freedom
Not for a moment you do hesitate
Forget not the path O Traveler!

O my supreme mother! I am a traveler who wishes to lead you through the glorious path. Please bless my so that I never forget my path!

Happy Independence day to all! Let us all work together to make our motherland the land of our dreams…

Pearls of Memories as I Depart…

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Pigeons which sing

Peacocks which dance

Petals of love

Perfumes by chance

Purple dreams of

Pleasant tomorrow

Prosperous moments

Parting with sorrow

Purity of e​motions

Patience of mind

Peace of heart

Prosperity hard to find

Poems of joy

Portraits of strife

Pictures of bliss

Painting of life

Pearls of memories

Pleasures of rain

Peers and friends with

Promises of meeting again

Painful memoirs of

Poignant distress

Peppered on which lies

Priceless success…

This poem was written long ago for a guest post on Sakshi’s Blog
Forgot to post it on mine then… 😛

Dancing In Madness

As I stand and adore this land
Where the mighty sea meets the sand
Where winds strong kiss the sea
And create waves and let them free

Where the sea does endlessly try
To quench the thirst of the lands dry
Wave after wave it tries in vain
Ages have passed, not an inch did it gain

I stand and absorb the nectar of delight
As I free my mind with the birds’ flight
Dive into an ocean where materials lose their meaning
And all that is left is emotion and joy unending

Waves of elation, sorrow and pain
Hit the rocks reduce them to grain
Demolishing the boulders of ignorance and fear
Creating sands of experience and wisdom clear

I feel the nature dancing around
Dancing in joy immesurable and unbound
Celebrating the creation, existance and destruction
Immersed in this cycle of joy sorrow and satisfaction

And now as I turn to a trail unknown
A path scary, now seems my own
Fearless with knowledge I advance
With elation in heart, madly do I dance…

The First Rains


As the first droplets touch the soil

Flourishes the farmer’s sweat and toil

Enchanting aroma en-captivates the air

Announcing its arrival in full glory and flair


Thunder and lightning rule the sky

Wind joins the feast; furious does it fly

Announcing the arrival of carrier of smiles

Dreams and hopes spread over miles


Quench the thirst of the dry barren lands

Quieten the soul of these flying sands

Refill the streams running down the slope

Refill the millions of hearts with hope


O you! The carrier of hopes; come down

Come down and please do visit my town

I too wish to dance in the rains

Dance in ecstasy as I wash off my pains


I wish to join the trees which sway

In your welcome as you come this way

I wish to dance, be carefree and insane

I wish I could be a child again


And play with the mud that you leave behind

Give shape to the shapeless, define the undefined

O you! The carrier of dreams through miles

Please do relish the dream of my childhood smiles

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