As the first droplets touch the soil

Flourishes the farmer’s sweat and toil

Enchanting aroma en-captivates the air

Announcing its arrival in full glory and flair


Thunder and lightning rule the sky

Wind joins the feast; furious does it fly

Announcing the arrival of carrier of smiles

Dreams and hopes spread over miles


Quench the thirst of the dry barren lands

Quieten the soul of these flying sands

Refill the streams running down the slope

Refill the millions of hearts with hope


O you! The carrier of hopes; come down

Come down and please do visit my town

I too wish to dance in the rains

Dance in ecstasy as I wash off my pains


I wish to join the trees which sway

In your welcome as you come this way

I wish to dance, be carefree and insane

I wish I could be a child again


And play with the mud that you leave behind

Give shape to the shapeless, define the undefined

O you! The carrier of dreams through miles

Please do relish the dream of my childhood smiles