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Once again does roar the thunder
Once again pours down the rain
Once again does the world wonder
Is it the time when you end our pain?

Once again filled is the breeze
In those melodius tunes divine
And restless am I to flow in ease
Amongst the waves of joy prestine

Once again does the world await
To get a glance of the innocent smile
The smile too rare, the smile too great
The smile mysitifying, yet too agile

Once again are the earthen pots
Filled up with milk and butter
As we wait for you mischievious lot
To see you steal them without any clutter

Adorned with your peacock quill
Come O Lord with a flute in hand
O carrier of joy, peace and goodwill
Come again to embrace this land…

A Very Happy Janmashtami to all of you.

Krishna, one of the most beloved characters of Hindu Mythology was born on this day. May he reside in our hearts forever…

Dedicated to him is this beautiful music on his own musical instrument… The Flute… Enjoy…