Patiently waiting for the next dawn

Sleeps the city with a dark blanket on

A blanket so large, A blanket so grand

Beneath which does the world stand


Structure-less, formless, and all too void

A scary silence that I wish to avoid

All I see is nothing but a house of fear

But it’s too lonely and I dare not go near


But then I stand and closely observe

Patiently and silently as I hold my nerve

And slowly does the beauty emerge

A song of ecstasy is carved out of the dirge


Beneath the blanket, the city does breathe

In a land of dreams and hopes underneath

In a land of peace is a music composed

In a land of knowledge are ideas imposed


And in the dark, the eyes do dream

Of a peaceful tomorrow; of self esteem

Of a future of hope, of a future so bright

Of a brighter dawn, beyond this night


A night is a cradle of ideas and dreams

Of painful memories; experiences extreme

A cradle of love intimate and profound

A cradle of joys, yet to be found


Inspired by a poem by Sarmishtha Basu