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November 2013

Off for exams with this wonderful thought and the music… Hope you like it… 🙂


I honor the Place in You

In which the universe dwells

I honor the Place in You

Which is of Truth, of Light and of Peace…

When You are in that Place in You

And I am in that Place in Me,

We are One…

(If you can’t access the link and wish to hear the music, contact me)



When sun sets down and darkness prevails

When aimless I wander on unknown trails

When there is no light and I walk alone

When trapped is mind by fears unknown


In this darkness as life ceases to flow

Even then O Firefly! Why do you glow?


Why do you twinkle like stars in the sky?

Why do you dance and endlessly fly?

Why do you inundate the woods in glow?

Why do you put up this magnificent show?


When the sleeping world has lost all its flare

O dear Firefly! What is the joy you wish to share?


What is the pride that makes you glitter?

What is the excitement that makes you flutter?

What is the rhythm on which you beat?

What is the joy behind this feat?


You are not the moon or the star

Nor the sun that blazes from far

But still you live in the light you create

Is this the feat that with pride you celebrate?

Make me Life




Make me a smile

I will adorn a face

Be a part of the joy

And add to its grace


Make me the peace

That prevails after a strife

Make me the seed

Of genesis of life


Make me a child’s toy

I will witness his smile

The innocent expressions

In his eyes agile


Make me the thunder

Announcing the rains

Make me a raindrop

That washes off the pains


Make me a firefly

That orchestrates the show

Twinkles beneath the night sky

Spreading its glow


Make me the emotions

That flow out as tears

Make me the belief

That drives out the fears


Make me the soothing song

A comrade who walks along

The seeker of right and wrong

Walking alone on a path too long


Oh! Make me the life

Forever I shall fly

And never shall be dead

Before the day I die




Dear Readers… With this poem, I seek your leave…. Exams ahead… So shall be busy for a few weeks… Meet you in the second week of December… 🙂

Guest Post: Through the Clouds of Smoke

This post is written by one of my dearest, wittingly humourous friends Harshda Mangal who gratefully accepted to honour my blog with this post… So sit back… and enjoy….
Well, this post is inspired by one of the friends who smokes badly… and when i say badly,I mean 4-5 packets daily and on that he says, “Well, take content that I and Shahrukh Khan have one thing in common…”
And here am I to share an incident that changed his life…
You may very well ask, how did he get into this habit… Well, nothing very special there…
He got this habit of smoking while occasionally smoking with friends at parties. Then, one day his girlfriend left him and he smoked in grief. Then, after two months, he got a new girlfriend and he smoked in joy. And now, the situation is, that
Bandi to aati jaati hai, cigarette hi sachchi saathi hai
So, I was telling about an incident. Ye apna hero has a very good image in front of all the teachers. And, its admitted that whatever ho do in his personal life, he is  very sincere in the academic front. So, one day, when he was busy making rings of smoke in boy’s washroom with his friends, one of the juniors came in search for him.
Junior: Sir, who is Shankar among you??
Rajan: Oye?? naya murga?? You came in first year na??
Junior: Yes Sir… Are you Shankar??
Rajan: Ille Shankar… tell me your name…
Junior: Sir… My name is Adarsh… Now will you please tell me who is Shankar??
Rajan: Abbe… Shankar ki kya pooja karega?? Don’t you understand that we are trying to rag you… chal naach ke dikha…
To everyone’s amazement, the junior danced on the latest item song, “Dil mera muft ka”…
Now, the seniors sensed some dead fish… So they put Shankar ahead; Shankar who had killed two cigarettes by this time…
Shankar: Ya… tell me… what is it??
Junior: “Sir, I would like to tell you that I am the son of Mr. Tripathi, Mr, Suresh Tripathi, The same person who is your mentor for your project. Since, I am new to this place, he asked me to meet you and get some tips on time management. He also asked me to take previous year notes from you… But now I think I would pass on it…And I don’t know if you know this… but he is really impressed with you.. maybe he doesn’t know about this habit of yours…
Now, How can Shankar, a fourth year student, take all this from a first year ( professor ka beta hoga apne ghar me hoga) So…
Shankar: See, you don’t have to blabber philosophies on me… This habit has never affected my academic life… so, you should not be bothered about it…
Junior: I am not Sir, But I think you should…
With these words he left the stinking place.
And after two days or so, Shankar was called by Mr. Tripathi and told that he would not be able to continue his guidance in the research project, because of some personal reasons…
Shankar: Why Sir?? Your son told anything?? See Sir, I don’t see any reason for you leaving me like this just because I smoke…
Sir: You smoke?? Really?? And what did my son had to tell me…
Shankar: So, you didn’t knew about it??
Sir: No, but now I do… I would not be able to continue as your mentor because of the sudden death of my elder brother.. I would have to go to hometown for 15-20 days… and by that time you have to complete the project…So, I am gonna ask some other professor to help you out..
Shankar: Oh, I am very sorry for your loss,Sir…
Sir: But, really ?? You smoke??
Shankar: Sometimes, Sir, very occasionally…
Saying this he didn’t waited for teacher’s reply or counter- question and came out of his room. He went straight to the washroom to light up another cigarette to ward off the stress… Wo kya hai na…
Padhai to bheje pe waar hai, sutta hi asli yaar hai…
So… enjoyed the humour? (Definitely you did… otherwise you won’t be reading this post till the very end…).
Visit her blog for a larger dose of humour of similar kind. And if you visit in time, you could also get a chance to win a bag full of prizes, before Christmas…

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