After over an year of virtually non-existent blogging and numerous requests to write by White Shadows, Neurodrooling, Randomly Abstract, I’m Pheonix and Creatigentt, here I come with a guest who got so frustrated by my writing (or the lack of it) that she re-accepted the re-invitation. Generally a writer of humour and sarcasm, this time blesses the ‘Hindi Diwas’ with her sarcastic smile.

A week long festival, celebrating the greatness of Hindi language made its impact in Indian media after prime time, and in international media of Kazakhstan, Mongolia and the like. The failed attempt to make it a success was quite laudable. The applauses that it received were so loud that even the blast of a terrorist attack in Madhya Pradesh — which was the host of the carnival — could not attract the desired attention. People opine that Hindi is dying. Not only in official correspondence but also in common language of the masses, Hindi is being replaced by English wherein people would use a Hindi word only if they don’t know the English translation of it. In an attempt to attract a larger audience, the “दसवाँ विश्व हिंदी सम्मलेन” was also accompanied by its English counterpart “10th ‘World Hindi Conference” in the event posters. It was meant to prevent Hindi from extinction. But why care about Hindi? The following traits of Hindi make it totally worth preserving:-

  1. Kindness: All over the world, India must be the only country where people proudly boast the lack of knowledge of about their regional language. Saying that they don’t know it or that they don’t read Hindi newspaper makes their social stature increase atleast 10 times. People taunt each other by calling “hindiwaala”. Do you see the kindness of Hindi?  It gives so much liberty to its own people that you can use Hindi to mock itself. If Hindi becomes extinct, Indians will loose another way to mock each other. And that is definitely not socially acceptable in India.
  2. Symbol of the fool: In any society, wise create problems. They are the ones who question the ways of society and try to change them. In Indian society, a Hindi speaking person is prima facie considered a fool. So, a revival of Hindi would reduce the number of wise in society, making society stable and less prone to change. Since changes are generally greeted with resistance (and hence, violence), Hindi helps in maintaining peace in the world. And given the current state of violence in the world, it would be bad to loose a language that keeps peace.
  3. A language class apart: A person’s real language is the one in which he abuses. And by this criterion, one can never ever let Hindi be extinct. We do science, technology, IT etc in English but even now when a person is on the verge of the cliff in the moments of anger, he would not be pacified until he remembers the family members of the opponent.
  4. Emerged as a brand: No language is a brand in itself. But this distinction has been crowned on Hindi. The people who speak Hindi are referred as ‘HMT”. There was one HMT watches about which it was popular that they don’t stop and the other is HMT (HIndi Medium Types) who just don’t start.


However sometimes I feel that something has gone wrong with Hindi’s brand value since Modi became our PM. It is said about our Prime Minister that he became the PM by starting his career as a tea seller. And today, due to that event, a person who studied in Hindi medium thinks that instead of studying in Hindi, he should have been a tea vendor.

After I received this article from Harshda, I complemented her on the quality of the article; only to be revealed with the great secret, “Arrey yaar! This essay I wrote yesterday morning so that I could send it to the locality’s Hindi Diwas competition. And today I forgot to send it. Ab kya karti… That is why I sent it to you.

For more humorous articles which might have missed their submission deadlines… feel free to visit her blog 😛