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हिंदी दिवस और Indiawaale!!

After over an year of virtually non-existent blogging and numerous requests to write by White Shadows, Neurodrooling, Randomly Abstract, I’m Pheonix and Creatigentt, here I come with a guest who got so frustrated by my writing (or the lack of it) that she re-accepted the re-invitation. Generally a writer of humour and sarcasm, this time blesses the ‘Hindi Diwas’ with her sarcastic smile.

A week long festival, celebrating the greatness of Hindi language made its impact in Indian media after prime time, and in international media of Kazakhstan, Mongolia and the like. The failed attempt to make it a success was quite laudable. The applauses that it received were so loud that even the blast of a terrorist attack in Madhya Pradesh — which was the host of the carnival — could not attract the desired attention. People opine that Hindi is dying. Not only in official correspondence but also in common language of the masses, Hindi is being replaced by English wherein people would use a Hindi word only if they don’t know the English translation of it. In an attempt to attract a larger audience, the “दसवाँ विश्व हिंदी सम्मलेन” was also accompanied by its English counterpart “10th ‘World Hindi Conference” in the event posters. It was meant to prevent Hindi from extinction. But why care about Hindi? The following traits of Hindi make it totally worth preserving:-

  1. Kindness: All over the world, India must be the only country where people proudly boast the lack of knowledge of about their regional language. Saying that they don’t know it or that they don’t read Hindi newspaper makes their social stature increase atleast 10 times. People taunt each other by calling “hindiwaala”. Do you see the kindness of Hindi?  It gives so much liberty to its own people that you can use Hindi to mock itself. If Hindi becomes extinct, Indians will loose another way to mock each other. And that is definitely not socially acceptable in India.
  2. Symbol of the fool: In any society, wise create problems. They are the ones who question the ways of society and try to change them. In Indian society, a Hindi speaking person is prima facie considered a fool. So, a revival of Hindi would reduce the number of wise in society, making society stable and less prone to change. Since changes are generally greeted with resistance (and hence, violence), Hindi helps in maintaining peace in the world. And given the current state of violence in the world, it would be bad to loose a language that keeps peace.
  3. A language class apart: A person’s real language is the one in which he abuses. And by this criterion, one can never ever let Hindi be extinct. We do science, technology, IT etc in English but even now when a person is on the verge of the cliff in the moments of anger, he would not be pacified until he remembers the family members of the opponent.
  4. Emerged as a brand: No language is a brand in itself. But this distinction has been crowned on Hindi. The people who speak Hindi are referred as ‘HMT”. There was one HMT watches about which it was popular that they don’t stop and the other is HMT (HIndi Medium Types) who just don’t start.


However sometimes I feel that something has gone wrong with Hindi’s brand value since Modi became our PM. It is said about our Prime Minister that he became the PM by starting his career as a tea seller. And today, due to that event, a person who studied in Hindi medium thinks that instead of studying in Hindi, he should have been a tea vendor.

After I received this article from Harshda, I complemented her on the quality of the article; only to be revealed with the great secret, “Arrey yaar! This essay I wrote yesterday morning so that I could send it to the locality’s Hindi Diwas competition. And today I forgot to send it. Ab kya karti… That is why I sent it to you.

For more humorous articles which might have missed their submission deadlines… feel free to visit her blog 😛


Guest Post: And Fly Away To Touch The Sky!!

Please put your hands together to welcome one of my very special friends and the guest of the morning (or evening or any other time of the day :P) Neeli. I am really humbled that she agreed to write on the prompt I gave her. It is nothing but the magic of words which can transform a very ordinary looking phrase into a heart touching story. And this post truly vindicates the fact. I am honoured to have her as a guest.


 “I’m not good in studies, I’m not good looking, I don’t have good friends, I cannot talk to anyone like my friends, ‘m not updated about world and technologies, people are more intelligent than me, nobody likes me, every single guy is ready to become boyfriend when I get a little friendly with him, my friends ask me to come out of self-confinement, I’m not good in making contacts with others, I have no confidence to talk to anyone…”, as she poured her heart out in one phone call, her elder sister could only listen in amazement. Not that her sister was unaware of her condition; she had already spoken and consoled this lil kid, but that day… patience had reached its limit and everything spilled out in front of her. Her sister was ashamed; she was dejected with her own self. Why couldn’t she speak to her own blood all these days? Busy consoling her own friends and others, how she forgot her own sister? Who was at fault? How could she ignore her own sister and leave her all alone?

While I’m struggling to find suitable words to define that beautiful soul, she must be in her sleep, wandering in her dream world! A girl with a cute smile, those beautiful eyes bearing the burden of half frame specs since quite some time, that mesmerizing voice, which barely reached its high pitch. A mind which is always indulged in chemical thought process!! She’s not the only child of her parents; she bears the wrath and love of her elder sister and manages to handle the naughtiness of a younger brother!! Her parents never discriminated between any of their children. Equality in terms of everything was given to all three of them. But a girl, who was a chatterbox during her childhood, turned into a silent girl with growing age. The most beautiful and pretty among all three kids, she grew with grace. As this silent girl grew up silently, nobody realized when she became a refined girl. For her family she was still that pretty little girl, with two ponies and kajal (kohl) in her beautiful eyes happily going to school. She is a very good cook who keeps experimenting new stuffs at home, possesses good drawing skills, has beautiful soft voice and looks great when you shower your love and pull her chubby cheeks. And when you find her doing something unusual and point it out… she’ll blush… and believe me that makes her look even more amazing!

It is said that only daughters can understand their parents and help them when it is not even anticipated from them. And she was not an exception. She helped her father financially when her elder sister was due for her MBA admission in a prestigious and expensive college. The university and course fees was too much for her father to pay at a stretch and that too at the moment when both of his daughters were supposed to go for their higher education. She was in a dilemma for her career options and when she finalized a course, she made all efforts come true to get admission in country’s most prestigious central university where the annual course fee was less than her sister’s three month’s pocket money. While her sister went off to pursue her career to a different city, she stayed in the prestigious university in her hometown.

Wheels of time turned and history repeated itself. This time it was her brother and she, who were supposed to go for their higher studies at the same time. As her brother went down to southern part of country, she was left alone with her mother… but this time the scenario was little different, her friends too had left the place and university and settled outside for higher education.

Loneliness started consuming her. She had no friends around to share her emotions; no one that she could look up to. And slowly loneliness turned into frustration. Witnessing her friends and own siblings going out and excelling were disturbing for her. And adding fuel to fire was her friends coming home during vacation and evoking anger and frustration in her with hollow descriptions of their life style and achievements outside. It worked like a slow poison for her and she started reacting to it in front of her parents by blaming them for not sending her out for studies and confining her in their shelter. The girl, who rarely used to get angry, started reacting to every single stuff. Hard times at both fronts- personal and career, made her go crazy, but she still kept her head above water. Every time she made efforts to move out or she spoke about it to her parents, something or other ruined her plans and she was left to cry alone. She wanted to go out and see world like her siblings and so-called friends. She craved to travel alone like her siblings and friends with confidence, to become demanded among friends, to be talk of the town in positive sense, to walk the ramp of life with full confidence, knowledge and grace. Declining self-confidence, lack of self-motivation, self-comparison with every tom-dick and harry and jealously started occupying her mind and body.

This true story is about my lil sister- T; who helped my dad in her own ways so that he can spend on my and my brother’s education. I’m obliged to her in every sense. She’s the best sister we could ever have. This little silent girl has many stories in her heart to which she doesn’t breathe a word to us. She keeps taking whatever life throws at her. I sometimes feel bad that she could not manage to go out for her studies or any other stuff. Blame it her destiny or my parents… it never happened. Yes, I do understand and try making T understand as well that just by going out for studies doesn’t make any big difference when you are getting best of education in your own city. But still… kids are kids. She wants to go out, witness new stuffs, people, explore life, learn new things, meet lots of people, be confident, present herself to world, shoo away stage fear, make good contacts… but somehow she’s failing to do all these.

touch_the_sky___jump_48_of_100_by_escaped_emotions-d4kpt62I tried my level best to listen her that day, consoled her but all in vain; she was totally disappointed, demotivated, no argument of mine helped heal her injured heart. I must say that she’s brave enough to tolerate this aloofness all these days. It’s time for her now to come out of her gloominess and see the life with new spectacles. She has to… and I’ve promised her as well as to myself that very soon she will be again that lovely, charming, confident girl once she used to be… I want my baby to grow and be bold… She already is, in her own way. She behaves very maturely in cases where I behave childish.

Anybody can fall in love with her. She’s the most beautiful and pretty among three of us… beautiful by personality, beautiful by heart! I really wish her to touch heights of success, to be very strong and successful in all spheres of life, to achieve whatever she wants to… I love both my kids T & D whom my parents have given me and I really want them to fly away to touch the sky…

May god bless them…

Love you T, D, Maa & Papa…


Guest Post: Through the Clouds of Smoke

This post is written by one of my dearest, wittingly humourous friends Harshda Mangal who gratefully accepted to honour my blog with this post… So sit back… and enjoy….
Well, this post is inspired by one of the friends who smokes badly… and when i say badly,I mean 4-5 packets daily and on that he says, “Well, take content that I and Shahrukh Khan have one thing in common…”
And here am I to share an incident that changed his life…
You may very well ask, how did he get into this habit… Well, nothing very special there…
He got this habit of smoking while occasionally smoking with friends at parties. Then, one day his girlfriend left him and he smoked in grief. Then, after two months, he got a new girlfriend and he smoked in joy. And now, the situation is, that
Bandi to aati jaati hai, cigarette hi sachchi saathi hai
So, I was telling about an incident. Ye apna hero has a very good image in front of all the teachers. And, its admitted that whatever ho do in his personal life, he is  very sincere in the academic front. So, one day, when he was busy making rings of smoke in boy’s washroom with his friends, one of the juniors came in search for him.
Junior: Sir, who is Shankar among you??
Rajan: Oye?? naya murga?? You came in first year na??
Junior: Yes Sir… Are you Shankar??
Rajan: Ille Shankar… tell me your name…
Junior: Sir… My name is Adarsh… Now will you please tell me who is Shankar??
Rajan: Abbe… Shankar ki kya pooja karega?? Don’t you understand that we are trying to rag you… chal naach ke dikha…
To everyone’s amazement, the junior danced on the latest item song, “Dil mera muft ka”…
Now, the seniors sensed some dead fish… So they put Shankar ahead; Shankar who had killed two cigarettes by this time…
Shankar: Ya… tell me… what is it??
Junior: “Sir, I would like to tell you that I am the son of Mr. Tripathi, Mr, Suresh Tripathi, The same person who is your mentor for your project. Since, I am new to this place, he asked me to meet you and get some tips on time management. He also asked me to take previous year notes from you… But now I think I would pass on it…And I don’t know if you know this… but he is really impressed with you.. maybe he doesn’t know about this habit of yours…
Now, How can Shankar, a fourth year student, take all this from a first year ( professor ka beta hoga apne ghar me hoga) So…
Shankar: See, you don’t have to blabber philosophies on me… This habit has never affected my academic life… so, you should not be bothered about it…
Junior: I am not Sir, But I think you should…
With these words he left the stinking place.
And after two days or so, Shankar was called by Mr. Tripathi and told that he would not be able to continue his guidance in the research project, because of some personal reasons…
Shankar: Why Sir?? Your son told anything?? See Sir, I don’t see any reason for you leaving me like this just because I smoke…
Sir: You smoke?? Really?? And what did my son had to tell me…
Shankar: So, you didn’t knew about it??
Sir: No, but now I do… I would not be able to continue as your mentor because of the sudden death of my elder brother.. I would have to go to hometown for 15-20 days… and by that time you have to complete the project…So, I am gonna ask some other professor to help you out..
Shankar: Oh, I am very sorry for your loss,Sir…
Sir: But, really ?? You smoke??
Shankar: Sometimes, Sir, very occasionally…
Saying this he didn’t waited for teacher’s reply or counter- question and came out of his room. He went straight to the washroom to light up another cigarette to ward off the stress… Wo kya hai na…
Padhai to bheje pe waar hai, sutta hi asli yaar hai…
So… enjoyed the humour? (Definitely you did… otherwise you won’t be reading this post till the very end…).
Visit her blog for a larger dose of humour of similar kind. And if you visit in time, you could also get a chance to win a bag full of prizes, before Christmas…

Guest Post: And Hence Along the Life I Flow

This is a beautiful poem written my dearest sister White Pearl as a guest post… I am truly humbled…


Less self discernment I show

More the agony, More is throe

Less Humane, more fierce I go

And hence along the life I flow

Selfishness, deceit, dishonesty

Are the attributes I bestow

Greed and lust , lying likely

And hence along the life I flow

Witness a blood-stained accident

Hear to the screams that grow

Turning away my eyes I ascent

And hence along the life I flow

Fall in Love with the mortal

Suck poison that works slow

Die inside Loose Morale

And hence along the life I flow

As a sister and daughter I go

The stage of life swaps its show

As a wife and a mother I grow

And hence along the life I flow

Cherish delightful enchanting bits

Become smiling stars that glow

Never Thank the divine and His writs

And hence along the life I flow

Wandering thoughts and questions

Making home in my mind they sow

I endeavor for the unknown answers

And hence along the life I flow

Experience difficulties and pain

Battle against the days Low

Gather the scattered vessel’s pane

And hence along the life I flow

Family, Friends , a large crowd intended

People navigate along the journey though

Leave me in the middle, empty handed

And hence along the life I flow

Kicked-off, bruised, jolted, slugged

By the savage life that blow

Put up my lifeless corpse converged

And hence along the life I flow

Thinking and being positive, Hope

Are the lessons I learn and know

Happiness and contentment will lope

And hence along the life I flow

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