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Once Again…

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Once again does roar the thunder
Once again pours down the rain
Once again does the world wonder
Is it the time when you end our pain?

Once again filled is the breeze
In those melodius tunes divine
And restless am I to flow in ease
Amongst the waves of joy prestine

Once again does the world await
To get a glance of the innocent smile
The smile too rare, the smile too great
The smile mysitifying, yet too agile

Once again are the earthen pots
Filled up with milk and butter
As we wait for you mischievious lot
To see you steal them without any clutter

Adorned with your peacock quill
Come O Lord with a flute in hand
O carrier of joy, peace and goodwill
Come again to embrace this land…

A Very Happy Janmashtami to all of you.

Krishna, one of the most beloved characters of Hindu Mythology was born on this day. May he reside in our hearts forever…

Dedicated to him is this beautiful music on his own musical instrument… The Flute… Enjoy…

Dancing In Madness

As I stand and adore this land
Where the mighty sea meets the sand
Where winds strong kiss the sea
And create waves and let them free

Where the sea does endlessly try
To quench the thirst of the lands dry
Wave after wave it tries in vain
Ages have passed, not an inch did it gain

I stand and absorb the nectar of delight
As I free my mind with the birds’ flight
Dive into an ocean where materials lose their meaning
And all that is left is emotion and joy unending

Waves of elation, sorrow and pain
Hit the rocks reduce them to grain
Demolishing the boulders of ignorance and fear
Creating sands of experience and wisdom clear

I feel the nature dancing around
Dancing in joy immesurable and unbound
Celebrating the creation, existance and destruction
Immersed in this cycle of joy sorrow and satisfaction

And now as I turn to a trail unknown
A path scary, now seems my own
Fearless with knowledge I advance
With elation in heart, madly do I dance…

Hope carries on…

The following poem is written in flow while listening to this amazing piece by ‘The Corrs’

Floating along the waves of time
Immersed in the flow of this soothing rhyme
I see a world pious and serene
With the singing birds and forests green

And I, a traveler passing by
To where eternity does lie
Bathing in the river of realisations
Witnessing his various incarnations

Behind the beauty, a truth does lie
Like the bright sun in a clouded sky
By the glory of which, enchanted I fly
To reach beyond the clouds, I relentlessly try

Efforts are made, endeavours are done
The journey itself seems to be fun
The joy is immense, when a part is revealed
How great will be the ecstasy when truth is concealed?

Time is too short, too long is the sail
Failures too guide me through the trail
Sailing through the dusk, waiting for the dawn
Efforts may fail, but a hope carries on…

Sheer Bliss


Watch out for the fabulous streams
The fluttering butterfly; the million dreams
The jolly trees with their chattering leaves
Aspiring heart of the one who believes

The music of the breeze
Flowing with ease
In tunes of the song
Lost for long

The cloud which paints
Forms with no constraints
On the vast canvas unbound
Shapes familiar yet unfound

The music; the success; the glory
The satisfaction; the peace; the fury
The laugh; the cry; the pain
The great world tries to sustain

The vivid; The mysterious
The colourful; the joyous
The tiny; the elaborate
The life which we celebrate

Look at the unending grace
Waiting for someone to embrace
Close your eyes to open your mind
To the joys you are yet to find

Written in flow of emotions while listening to “Sheer Bliss” xomposed by Anuradha Pal.

Ganga Behti Ho Kyun?

In a pensive mood today…

Browsing through youtube today, I came across this fabulous song by Bhupen Hazarika…

Reminded me of the days when I heard it on the television. Those days I was too young to appreciate the meaning of the song. But now the feeling become clear.

Ganga (or Ganges) is a highly respected river in India. It flows through her plains. Almost all the fertility of the plains can be directly attributed to it. And no wonder in a nation where emotions are the defining character of the people, the river is worshiped as a goddess. And feelings take the form of mythology. As per Hindu mythology, the river has descended from the heavens to cleanse the sins of the world.

In the song, the singer is seen questioning as to why is the river flowing in a soulless, lawless, helpless world.  The song goes as

With the mighty extent, with subjects along your banks screaming in dispair, oh Ganges why do you flow speechlessly?

In a world where morals are lost; where humanity is corrupt, why do you flow shamelessly?

The voice of past , cries out loud, oh the pious stream, why don’t you make your people brave and progressive?

Illiterates stand fortune-less…

Countless people (literates) vision-less…

Why do you blind and dumb to the people around you?

People are so self-centred…

Whole society stands without a personality…

Who don’t you integrate the society?

Why did you stop being a source of action and energy?

Why did you become inanimate?

Why you stopped giving inspirations to lives?

The world turn into the battlefield of Kurukshetra

Oh mother why don’t you give birth to valiant warriors in the nordern India?

The words make me shiver…


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