O Divine Mother!
Beauty from the high lands!
Goddess that dances as Time!
Terror hidden as Love and Grace!
You are not just an image or a stone,
There is a Method in your madness
Like there is Light within your darkness
You are the timeless, the boundless
The transcendental Goddess breathing in Time.
Behind your illusions, your play, your tricks
There is a sense, a rhythm of your own
Somewhere in me, I sense and see
Behind this guise of seek and play
A rhythm of you, a rhythm of me.

“When the dark is me and the radiance is you.
When the silent is me and the sound is you.
Where the wave is me and the ocean is you.
When the lover is me and the beloved is you.
When the chant is me and the Name is you.
When the doubt is me and the slayer is you.
When the orphan is me and the guardian is you.
When the suffering is me and the joy is you.
When the less is me and the more is you.
When the player is me and the actor is you.
When the question is me and the answer is you.
When the offering is me and the altar is you.
When the emptiness is me and the fulfilment is you.
When the part is me and the whole is you.
When the dream is me and the realisation is you.”

Play me Mother, play me your tune.
It’s a life worth living
Dancing mad to your transcendental rhythm.



Dance O you pure soul, dance with me
Break your shackles, and break off free
The tune we dance to, is not mine but yours
You are not mine, I am but yours

As your radiant soul, I radiate in you
As your song of hope, I resonate in you
As your depth of thoughts, I reside in you
As your own beloved, I feel loved in you
As your enchanted words, I spread in you
As your own wisdom, I protect in you
As your soul’s resident, I am guarded in you
As your heart’s joy, I rejoice in you
As your unending devotion, I am infinite in you
As your own instrument, I play in you
As your own rationale, I answer in you
As your own offerings, I purify in you
As your heart’s contentment, I am fulfilled in you
As your own part, I am complete in you

I am none, but your endless devotion
Your instrument of love, your grand notion

O creation of creator! When created were you;
Created was the creator, as a creation within you!


Original Poem by Rexie

The second part added by me (Introvert)