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Randomly Abstract

Crying and wiping tears together
which wet my pillow tonight
I try not to
think of you,
But it seems

Your thought and
my memories,
they seem to have
trap me.
I can think of nothing more.

And I realize,
Its useless
to try.
when I don’t want to
forget you, or not think of you.
Because I love to,
think of you!


Alas! The pillow on which you sleep
Can’t urge you; not to weep
But the tears and emotions that your eyes keep
It can just embrace and let them seep

Absorbing the drops of emotions deep
As you cry; as you weep
It too delves in a journey long
Guided by the mournful song

The tears fall off and trapped are they
But the pillow hears to what they say
Listens to the memories sweet and sour
And begins to wonder in this late hour

Are your joys, sorrows and fears
Trapped within as your tears?
Does your heart too sing the song
Of emotions tender and yet too strong?

Slowly it takes you to the land of dreams
Away from tears and sorrows and screams
And when in midnight you are fast asleep
You may not know but the pillow silently weeps


Original Poem by Randomly Abstract

The second part added by me (Introvert)