You fall, when you fall, because you know you are falling.
And every minute of your life, It seems like you’re crawling –
under a gooey, hideous place;
inside a cul-de-sac tunnel,
only it is shut in all the dimensions.

There’s a life on hold,
And that is no one, but yours.
There’s a chill in the spine
Oh well, that body part is mine.
There’s a whisper in the wind:
as I let the clock chime.

That’s how you see, I live it all day;
That is just how, I make it through the night.
And as I weep and cry, and talk to myself
Just get through the dark, for then there’s only light.


Immaterial is the fact that you fall
What matters is the time you stand tall
Wounds would come and blood shall flow
But amidst these pains, your pace must not slow

So what, if failure crushes you again
Scared of failures, would you refrain?
Life is present for the presents to be present
So don’t give it up, struggle and sustain

Don’t fear the fear, the reason of tears
As it will blind your eyes, and deafen your ears
As a trapped bird, you would flutter your wings
And squeak all day, but never would you sing

Instead, hold on to life and maintain your calm
Wipe off the tears, and look at your palm
Your lines of fortune are made by you
Try hard and your dreams shall come true

Ignore the fears, and question yourself
Why couldn’t I reach success all by myself?
If I did really try, my level best
Why don’t I smile as do the rest?

Question the questions, and answers would answer
Brace up for battle, you warrior, you lancer
Dig out of the tunnel, where you are confined
Break out of the dark box, and light would shine



Original Poem by VelaneDeBeaute

The second part added by me (Introvert)