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We are all Writers


One of my friends once said that every person has a story to tell; he or she is just waiting for the right person to share it with at the right time. Life is a journey, and each one of us starts alone on a solitary road, with an empty earthen pot on our head. As we walk on this road, it occasionally rains. These rains are what we call experiences. We collect some of them in our earthen pots. We collect them, preserve them but keep them to ourselves. And on the warm sunny days with clear blue skies, when we have all the time to introspect, water sometimes seeps out through the porous walls of the pot. That is when our fellow travelers can see a part of us. They know us through our stories. The stories that are shaped out of our experiences. These warm sunny days are when we reflect upon ourselves. These warm sunny days are when we tell our stories. These warm sunny days are when we write.

When on the topic of writing, I get reminded of the tens of times when tens of my friends have reminded me the most obvious fact — that I have not been writing lately; and that I SHOULD be writing. While their allegations are justified, it is not true that I haven’t thought of writing lately. And it was during one of these ‘thought’ sessions that this weird thought came to my mind that I have not been all that dormant these days. I have been writing. In fact, all of us are continuously writing. A researcher has been writing articles in journals, a reporter has been writing columns in the newspaper, a musician has been writing new music, a painter has been writing new paintings, a player is writing new milestones.

Writing is penning down stories and embedding emotions and experiences in them. This embedding need not always be in words. In fact, most of us don’t write words. Painters tell their stories through paintings, photographers by their photos, and dancers by their dance. Most people, however like their stories simply spoken to an individual. Everyone writes stories. Everyone shares their experiences. The only factor that changes is the people with whom the stories are shared.

The longer we walk on the road of life, the more water does our earthen pot collect. Water is heavy and so are the experiences. We all walk along until the pot is too heavy to carry. The pot then topples and eventually falls.. And all the water spills on the ever-thirsty sands; and all that remains are marks and a fading trail… Until we pick up another empty pot and embark on another journey again…

Around Ahmadabad in a Day

The Sabarmati Ashram: The Memories of Mahatma Gandhi

Hathi Singh Jain Temple


Siddi Sayak Mosque

Jummi Mosque



Bhadra Fort

Shaking Minarets

A Thing of Beauty… A Joy Forever

God said, “Let mathematics be beautiful” and hence came figures like the one showcased above. And henceforth this angel has been continuously en-captivating people like me. This is truly a source of seamless beauty and in truest sense a joy forever. Welcome to the world where the harder you analyse, the richer the object becomes… Welcome my dear friends, to the world of fractals…

I hope that the title figure has already invoked curiosity if not amazement in your minds. But you are right; isn’t it just another picture? I bet, it can be anything but not ‘yet another picture’. Here is the reason; zoom into any boundary of the picture, and you get…

and further in…

Keep going!

And finally after zooooooming into one little corner you would see


A miniature Mandelbrot.

And take my word for it – the whole of the first figure (the original Mandelbrot) is composed of infinitely many miniatures of itself.

What is even more fascinating is that such figures have a family of their own – figures composed of miniature copies of themselves. Here I showcase a few more of their kind


The Newton Fractal

The Julia Set

The Sierpinski Carpet

Zoom into them and let your imaginations fly

To know more about these mathematical beauties, you can have a look at a presentation given by me (and my friends) on this topic FRACTALLY SPEAKING

Or you could do through this general article by me Fractal Article

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