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Paradise… Not too far…

With not much money in hand and just the strong breeze as my companion, I visited a place, which I am convinced is not far from paradise. A city so wonderfully built that one can walk through its lanes forever and never get tired (I walked for 4 hours, and want to visit the city again). Not many ‘tourist spots’ as such but the city by itself is definitely worth a visit. Officially I visited only two spots… The Kronenburger Park and the Bridge. But what I enjoyed the most was walking on the streets…

Here are the flowers which greet you as you enter the park…




And if that was not enough to bring a smile onto your face, meet these extremely fearless birds. They hardly do care about a huge 6 feet tall figure approaching them (oops I forgot; I used to be tall in India… Here they might be habituated to see taller figures all day 😦 ).






Well talking of heights, there were two ‘creatures’ who really stand tall, gaurding the city…


Ya.. but we too are humans, it wouldn’t be difficult for us to cross the bridge…


stand on one of them and look around the park…


And then again… I move on through the streets to click snaps of the city which embaraces you with its charm…





Only to reach the railway station…


whose call to come back home was ignored by the enchanted traveler. Strolling through further in the opposite direction (guided by the faint memory of Google Maps), I come across a street which caught my attention; and 15 seconds later did I realise that I was on the Bridge… and hence started my long walk across the Bridge…










On my way back, standing on a bridge vibrating along with the breeze, and looking at the amazing city, I realised, maybe this is the way, we the humans can add our bit to the beauty of nature, and perhaps make it closer to the paradise…

The First Spring


Well, the grass was just too long for him; but who cares! It was the first spring in his life! With so many colours around, he really had a tough time posing for the snap. You can’t be ‘just casual’ about the background flowers with so many choices around.

“Doesn’t white suite me the best?”

“No, thet are too dull. Are you a grandpa? Buck up man! be more cheerful. Orange it should be.” said Mouse.

“Don’t be silly, red’s the best. Take a snap in then no time would you see ladies swarming around you.” countered Harvey

” And how many times have you tried and failed to please Deutsch Fraulein? Talking of pleasing ladies! Huh! Take my word. Magenta is the way to go.”, Witch added in an affirmative tone.

And soon was the whole area down with commotion. Typical Dede style. In the world where giving advice is free, everyone gets his share.

Dejected and confused, Alien slowly sidelined himself. And then suddenly a tiny little creature caught his attention. Curious, he ran towards the flower it was sitting on. But the creature was too quick to fly off to another one. And elated, he continued chasing. It was a butterfly after all. And surely they were not found in Mars. And getting hold of it would only be a dream come true.

However, Alien was not the only one to notice the butterfly. Sunny, an aspiring photographer (in those days) did pretty well to capture the moment. Probably it was the best snap he ever took. The elation was evident on his face. But there was a small problem – he missed the butterfly.

That was a wonderful day, when all the Dedes were out to celebrate the spring. And this photo which Sunny presented him that day, was the most wonderful gift he ever had. After reliving the moment for long he kept this photo back in the drawer. And then as he looked out of his window, at the colourful carpet of leaves on the roadside; he exclaimed with a smile, “This world can never be boring!”. Can it?

This story is written to be submitted to to a competition on my friend’s blog ( She is a wonderful artist and an online hermit. Don’t forget to visit her parallel universe!

The Great Game of Chess

download (2)


“What do you do? I mean what do you physicists do? All you seem to be doing all day is reading books, reading research papers, (and more often) playing computer games, blogging and (most importantly) sleeping. Do you at all do anything?”

Well the question posed above; although in a satirical fashion is a genuine one. And whenever people ask them this question to anyone studying or doing physics, they receive a reply far beyond their understanding; as the answer is loaded with jargon far beyond a sane mind can grasp (that’s why we are called insane by the sanes). But let me try to put a pictorial view of the work we do in general.

According to me, we observe a game of chess – A great game of chess – (or any other game of your choice, but here I take chess as the example). This game is being played by nature, and we are both its pieces and the spectators. The aim of observation is to understand its rules as much as we can. “What’s so tough about it; go to a rule book…” they would say. But the trouble is you never have a rule book. In fact, it is the rule book that we are trying to compile.

Now here are some interesting features of the task we do

1. By mere observation, you may conclude about the allowed moves; but you can never say about what cannot be done. Just because a move was never played, can never mean that the move is not allowed. So when we see an unusual move on the board, this creates a commotion in the physics community (things like objects moving faster than light, the production of Higg’s boson – or the God Particle). And this is the time when many of our presumed rules get striped off and new rules are made.

2. What if we know a law to be true (to the greatest of beliefs)? We then try to see its implications. Or in simple terms, translate the strict and complex language of nature into a more lucid language so that they can be applied to the daily life. This is the phase of transforming the horrendous Maxwell’s Equations (sorry for the technicality – they are some ugly looking laws of light) into mobile communication, Thermodynamics (laws of heat) to automobile engine and Quantum Mechanics (the laws of small things) into Quantum Computers – computers which would be a million times faster than today’s machines (oh.. I am reminded of my soul mate).

Beyond all these, there is another greater aim of what we do.

Nature is wonderful. It is like a treasure or a mine. The more carefully you see it; the better are you able to appreciate all its secrets. Through physics we try to unearth all secrets of this beautiful place by the equipment of logic and reasoning. The pleasure it gives to dig out a single jewel from here is greater than anything that I can imagine in my highly inexperienced career. It is a joy that can truly never perish.

What do you picture the portrait of nature? Tell me if you like…

And Merry Christmas to you all…

Kankaria Lake: The Final Destination in Ahmadabad

Here are the snapshots of Kankaria Lake: A perfect circular man-made lake in Ahmadabad.





What is it that we call Almighty

The warm sun in the sky which greets

The tender sapling beside the streets

The sapling amazed by the world so bright

As he sees the first daylight


Looking around, he searches for mates

Some tender, and others too great

He feels the breeze, and joyous he sways

Unaware of the sorrows and dismays.


How did the trees grow so tall?

Why do some fly while others crawl?

Oh dear sun; the bright; the mighty!

What is it that we call almighty?


And then the sun, shining high

Showed the sapling how birds fly

The joy and thrill to be absolutely free

To fly for miles and find a tree.

And then he said of the Kukoo’s song

The giant elephants with trunks too long

The flowers which blossom; the fragrance they spread

The colours they posses – blue, yellow and red.

All of us come here with an aim

A target; an objective we have to proclaim

A dream to add to the beauty of nature

To admire the present and build a future

Here I am on the top of the sky

Watching you all as you laugh and cry

It is my warmth that helps you grow

It is me who guides you through rain and snow.

We all seek joy peace and satisfaction

Joy of achievement, completeness and perfection

This joy is what we seek precisely

This joy is what we call almighty.

Diu Trip in Photos: Part 4: INS Khukri

On one of the most picturesque shores of Diu lies the memorial of INS Khukri which sank near the Diu coast as she was hit by three torpedoes during the 1971 Indo-Pak War. May the Gallantry Warriors rest in peace.








A Thing of Beauty… A Joy Forever

God said, “Let mathematics be beautiful” and hence came figures like the one showcased above. And henceforth this angel has been continuously en-captivating people like me. This is truly a source of seamless beauty and in truest sense a joy forever. Welcome to the world where the harder you analyse, the richer the object becomes… Welcome my dear friends, to the world of fractals…

I hope that the title figure has already invoked curiosity if not amazement in your minds. But you are right; isn’t it just another picture? I bet, it can be anything but not ‘yet another picture’. Here is the reason; zoom into any boundary of the picture, and you get…

and further in…

Keep going!

And finally after zooooooming into one little corner you would see


A miniature Mandelbrot.

And take my word for it – the whole of the first figure (the original Mandelbrot) is composed of infinitely many miniatures of itself.

What is even more fascinating is that such figures have a family of their own – figures composed of miniature copies of themselves. Here I showcase a few more of their kind


The Newton Fractal

The Julia Set

The Sierpinski Carpet

Zoom into them and let your imaginations fly

To know more about these mathematical beauties, you can have a look at a presentation given by me (and my friends) on this topic FRACTALLY SPEAKING

Or you could do through this general article by me Fractal Article

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