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How many ages have passed?

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So, ‘the festival’ has ended. Although the festive season in India is in full swing; ‘the festival’ of Bengal culminated yesterday with ‘Vijayadashami’ or ‘Dussehra’. So Shubho Bijaya and Happy Dussehra to all of you. BTW, is anyone still here?

Before I move on; it is my responsibility to tell you about my whereabouts during these days. Simply put I was busy doing effectively absolutely nothing. So let’s see what did I do in these months. Firstly I spent my birthday alone in a foreign land (Germany… to be precise) sitting lonely in a room as no-one knew about my birthday. No-one except probably a bird who used to sit on my window each day. I also wrote a 200 odd page document that contained nothing… well effectively nothing… although some people call it a ‘Project Report’ and were seemingly impressed by it.

After coming back home I spent effectively 2 months in one of the most ‘interesting’ endeavors of my life – preparing for PhD applications. It might seem interesting to you that it order to get a very good PhD position in ‘Physics’, the most important skill to master is ‘English’. You heard it right… English vocabulary is the key to succeed in Physics research… Not the laws, equations, theorems, diagrams, postulates or any other crap that you learnt in the last 5 years as a physics student… ONLY ENGLISH. Confused? So to put things straight, to get a successful PhD position in a reputed place in USA or Europe, you need to score extremely well in and English exam called GRE which requires you to know meanings of words which you would never use in a ‘sane, cultured society’. There were 1500 such words that I mugged up ‘in principle’; and needless to say, deleted from my memory the second I walked out of the exam hall. And this, my dear friends is called ‘system’.

Agaain, it goes without saying that thanks to my brilliant luck, my exam was scheduled yesterday – the last day of a 10 day long festival – and hence when my friends were enjoying the festival on the streets, I was sitting in my room improving my English. People buy new dress during the festivals, I couldn’t even mend my torn shoes this time. Although the reason for that is ‘laziness at its peak’.

And yes, there is one more thing that ‘we’ did as a nation. We reached mars. I guess you have heard a lot about that news, so I would just like to congratulate ISRO and my countrymen for the achievement. Although as a science student, I know that for future missions, a technological leap is needed (for the science enthusiasts; we need to perfect the cryogenic stage of GSLV to carry heavier payloads). I wish ISRO the best for that too.

So this was a random post, just to wake up my blog and to pay gratitude to my readers who have been following me. Especially the few of you who actually poked me time and again, informing me how they missed my blog. ‘Serious’ stuff comes in the following posts. Till then, take care.

Bird that Sings


Have you seen a bird fly
Fluttering away to touch the sky
Across the rivers, and trees and sands
Flying away to unknown lands?

Singing songs at heart’s solace
Measuring lands at its own pace
Welcomes the sun with its melodious tunes
And seeks adieu from the evening moons

I am the bird that flies too high
Enchanted by the glittering sky
Too far off from my small nest
In the airs which I know the best…

And flying high I sometimes wonder
In pensive moods I sometimes ponder
Of songs of joys, courage and hope
In which feelings unsaid, elope.

In moments of sorrow, gloom and despair
When all you need is love and care
We embrace you in those caring songs
And take you beyond rights and wrongs

When shattered you are and lost is life
And you give up the endless strife
Trapped you are at life’s dead end
We become your comrade, your true friend

But flying high I sometimes wonder
In pensive moods I sometimes ponder
Amidst the tunes of the joyous lanes
Do you ever feel some tears or pain?

In moments of sorrow, gloom and despair
When all we need is love and care
You refuse to hear our saddened voice
You move on with your life, you do rejoice

When shattered we are and lost is life
And we give up the endless strife
Trapped we are at life’s dead end
You never come to rescue, O dear friend?

So flying high I sometimes wonder
In pensive moods I sometimes ponder
Is the world so cruel, cold and mean
Or the fault lies within, unnoticed and unseen?

Maybe we are not made to cry
Maybe all we can do is fly
And search for a broken heart
And join the pieces torn apart

Maybe our sorrows, minuscule or grand
Are themselves too sad for you to withstand
Or maybe too insignificant for you to understand
And so amidst tears alone we stand.

And so flying high I sometimes wonder
In pensive moods I sometimes ponder
Maybe our songs are not too great
So hoping against hope we endlessly wait.

Carrier of Smiles

Look around, O bird and spread out your wings

Undo the bondage and rip off the strings

Spread out your wings and off you fly

Up ahead awaits you the blue endless sky




And in your flight, carefree you sing

A melody so joyous that a smile does it bring

Carefree you sing as you sing out your heart

A song that heals a heart torn apart




Find out a tree, and on the branch you land

For a moment you rest to adore the world grand

On the branch you land and collect a twig

And build a nest small to house your dreams big




And up ahead you fly, and sing and dance

And do care for none, just ahead do advance

And sing and dance O carrier of smiles

The sky is too large and you have to cover miles…


Photo Courtesy to my dear friend and a fabulous photographer (and I know he would deny) Chitram Banerjee. Enjoy the visual treat of his photos… Its worth it… Trust me.


And a Happy Ganesh Chaturthy to all of you… 🙂

Through the Curtains of Fog

Here are some snapshots from around my hostel, taken early morning…






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