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The Unending Game


As I stand on the sea-shore
With waves washing my feet
I drown into my pensive lanes
As I see them retreat

Million forms of the formless
And yet they are the same
Million colours of the colourless
Playing the same old game

Thousand waves that strike a day
Trying hard to gain some land
Endless efforts go in vain
Invincible stands the rule of sand

And then to roaring seas I ask
“What do you boast of all day
There is no song of glory to sing
You try in vain, the world does say”

Smiling at me the giant said
I seek no songs, no glories, no praise
All those are transient, they come and go
It is the joy that forever stays

Where is the joy you talk about
In this never ending game?
Never shall you gain an inch
The land shall forever be same

What do you think of the sand below
Lying beneath your innocent feet?
Weren’t they rocks, years ago
Smashed by the game of approach and retreat?

From rocks to stones to pebbles to sand
And all the snow in all the land
With stories untold, come to me
To loose themselves and merge with the grand

One day, to me, you too would come
As a part of this unending game
And so would everything under sun
But I shall still remain the same…

Make me Life




Make me a smile

I will adorn a face

Be a part of the joy

And add to its grace


Make me the peace

That prevails after a strife

Make me the seed

Of genesis of life


Make me a child’s toy

I will witness his smile

The innocent expressions

In his eyes agile


Make me the thunder

Announcing the rains

Make me a raindrop

That washes off the pains


Make me a firefly

That orchestrates the show

Twinkles beneath the night sky

Spreading its glow


Make me the emotions

That flow out as tears

Make me the belief

That drives out the fears


Make me the soothing song

A comrade who walks along

The seeker of right and wrong

Walking alone on a path too long


Oh! Make me the life

Forever I shall fly

And never shall be dead

Before the day I die




Dear Readers… With this poem, I seek your leave…. Exams ahead… So shall be busy for a few weeks… Meet you in the second week of December… 🙂

एक दिन तुम आओगे | You would come one day



This poem is written in Hindi. For those of you who don’t understand the language; I have translated it in English below. Please don’t use Google to translate the page… It does a pathetic job. Sorry that I could not maintain a good flow in the translated version…

ज्ञात है कि एक दिन तुम आओगे
अपने आलिंगन में ले जाओगे
सहसा कदाचित प्रकट होगे
और सुख-दुःख मेरा हर लोगे

निराकार अदृश्य हो तुम
असीम सर्वव्याप्त हो तुम
अचल अडिग नित्य हो तुम
जीवन का अंतिम सत्य हो तुम

हर ख़ुशी की मुस्कान हो तुम
हर दुःख की अश्रुधार हो तुम
अक्षुण्ण निर्विकार हो तुम
जीवन के मूलाधार हो तुम

लोग कहते हैं बड़े क्रूर हो तुम
अनासक्त; भावनाओं से दूर हो तुम
खुशियों के नाशक हो तुम
प्रचंड तेजस्वी विनाशक हो तुम

पर हे सुख-दुःख के मूलाधार!
अदृश्य अज्ञात विश्वाधार
तुम ही तो लेकर स्वरुप अपार
करते जीवन में जीवन-संचार




I know you would come someday

Embrace me and take me away

Out of the blue you would appear

And take away my joys and fears


Invisible; formless you are

Ubiquitous; endless you are

Firm, immovable, immutable you are

The truth of life; undeniable you are


Smiles of all joys you are

Tears of all cries you are

Unimpaired; flawless you are

The basis of existence you are


They say cruel; brutal you are

Detached; stone-hearted you are

Murder of smiles you are

Fierce, ruthless destroyer you are


But O you! The pivot of peace and strife

Unknown, invisible, basis of life

Is it not you, who in the greatest form

Is the reason of life in all life-forms

She is Sinking!



I knew this was coming… And now that the inevitable can be seen, let me admit it… But wait! First let me set up the obituary…



Oh my mate, my soul, the irreplaceable being

I know time was short… and the journey too long

I know that you were faithful to the best of your abilities.

Yes, I believe it was painful with all the punches on your heart

And the more than occasional twist that I caused on your neck.

I hope that you would forgive me for all the physical atrocities I committed on you.

You were but a brilliant and faithful comrade

You did the most complicated computations in seconds.

And not to forget the weird and complex logical networks of programs, small yet great

Which you resolved within the blink of an eye.

And in the test of all tests, you valiantly fought

And bore three operating systems on your small microchips;

When most of can’t survive two.

Yes! you make me proud…

But now I feel, you have become too old…

And understandably two of the three OS have given their lives up…

Even two heat sinks, a battery and a motherboard replacement does not seem to be enough to save you

Alas, I feel your time has come…


Others will come, but none can replace you…


In Grief

Arindam Saha

(The proud owner)



Yes my dear friends, my dearest laptop is on its death bead…

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