Look around, O bird and spread out your wings

Undo the bondage and rip off the strings

Spread out your wings and off you fly

Up ahead awaits you the blue endless sky




And in your flight, carefree you sing

A melody so joyous that a smile does it bring

Carefree you sing as you sing out your heart

A song that heals a heart torn apart




Find out a tree, and on the branch you land

For a moment you rest to adore the world grand

On the branch you land and collect a twig

And build a nest small to house your dreams big




And up ahead you fly, and sing and dance

And do care for none, just ahead do advance

And sing and dance O carrier of smiles

The sky is too large and you have to cover miles…


Photo Courtesy to my dear friend and a fabulous photographer (and I know he would deny) Chitram Banerjee. Enjoy the visual treat of his photos… Its worth it… Trust me.


And a Happy Ganesh Chaturthy to all of you… 🙂