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The Silent Spectator

Living in a sea of dust is an experience in itself. An experience which does not befriend many. And oddly enough the experience is not one that I hate. Living within 50 meters of three JCB’s (showing their extraordinary acrobatic skills), two construction cranes and hundreds of striking hammers is actually thrilling – to say the least. After all, who won’t inhale a ‘bit’ of dust for all the excitement?

Anyways… the fact of the matter is that at the moment, the sea of dust has calmed down. The JCB’s are resting cuddled up in the blanket of this dark night, and the hundred pairs of hands are in their dreamland, carving aspirations of their uncertain future. And I am staring at the top right corner of my laptop which shows 12:15 AM. So all of you those who are, or have been in hostels, a hearty good evening to them. The same goes for all the students in their late teens, inseperable lovers and other nocturnal beings. To the others, sorry for disturbing your midnight sleep.

And what am I actually doing in this sleepy world? Well, one of the most favorite tasks of mine – doing nothing. Really… absolutely nothing. And believe me, this is one of the busiest things in this world. To think nothing at all. Just observe. Be a silent spectator to this silent world which ironically is bubbling with chaos and commotion. Don’t believe me? Okay then…

Think of the security guard strolling around in the hostel. Eyes begging for sleep; mind cursing a moron whose constant stare doesn’t let his eyelids come closer. But is he desperate for a sleep? Nah… Proof? A boy does up to him and asks, “Ki dada? Kemon cholchhe?” (What’s up bro?) and there starts the conversation. Five minutes later, Indian politics becomes the hot topic on the table which a moment ago rested a dozing soul. That person is not really sleepy. He is starving. Starving for company… Battling against boredom in this chilly night.

Nights are subtle, shrewd, mysterious, lonely things. In its embrace lies only silence. But silence has a language of its own. It speaks. It speaks through fear – in the eyes of a girl trapped on a lonely road, trying to get back home. It speaks through tears – in the memory of a long lost love. It speaks through thoughts – in the focused vision of the visionary. It speaks through dreams – to achieve the un-achieved. It speaks through joy – of the ecstatic achievements of the day. It speaks through hopes – of a brighter tomorrow which we may just witness.

A night has a long silent story to tell. And you too can listen to it. All you have to do is be be silent and listen… All you have to be is the silent spectator.

Inspired by The Outsiders

Existence in Void



Listen O you! the worshiper of almighty

The admirer of lord, the supreme deity

You admire the lord the master of the living

The great, the mighty, peaceful and forgiving

The creator of of worlds – the heavens and hell

And the wonderful earth on which we dwell

He created love, and peace and affection

He created gratitude, humility and devotion.

But O the Admirer, please ask your lord

If everything around is his accord

Then why are there sorrows and tears and pain?

Why is the world ruthless, uncaring and insane?

Why is there anger and deceit and sin?

Why does a person fight his own kin?

Why are there earthquakes and droughts and flood?

Why is there terror, stained in blood?

O seeker, the inquisitive, intelligent and wise

Take a greater view and you shall realise

That joys of achievement, satisfaction and gain

And tears of sorrow, misery and pain

Are all just ways and means to find

A joy ecstatic, and peace of mind

The will to live stems from fears

Smiles are cherished by those who have tears

We do unite in times of despair

And realise the common bond we share

That feelings of affection and hatred exist

Are reasons that we still persist

So cherish the tears which you try to avoid

As they are the reason for your existence in void…

निज-साक्षात्कार | Self- Introspection



A journey of self-realization… as a extension of मैं कौन हूँ?

English translation follows Hindi…


मंद-मंद बहता पवन हूँ
मंद-मंद सुगन्धित उपवन हूँ
मैं माटी की सौंधी खुश्बू हूँ
इस ब्रह्माण्ड का अलौकिक जादू हूँ

अंजाना सा एक स्पर्श हूँ मैं
हृदयांतर का अद्भुत हर्ष हूँ मैं
अदृश्य मूक श्रोता हूँ मैं
अनकहे शब्दों का वक्ता हूँ मैं

बारिश में छिपी अश्रुधार हूँ मैं
अधूरा अव्यक्त प्यार हूँ मैं
सूखे फूलों की महक हूँ मैं
कैद पक्षी की चहक हूँ मैं

नन्हे शिशु की मुस्कान हूँ मैं
स्वच्छंद पक्षी की उड़ान हूँ मैं
एक अथक-निरंतर प्रयास हूँ मैं
धावक की अंतिम श्वास हूँ मैं

मैं असीम अपरिमित अशेष उल्लास
मैं अनंत अचल सनातन आस
मदमस्त होकर नाचने वाला मैं पागलपन
निश्चिन्त निर्विघ्न निर्विकार बचपन

मैं कभी लघु तो कभी विराट
मैं कभी भिक्षुक तो कभी सम्राट
मैं हूँ कठोर, मैं हूँ कोमल
मैं ही श्वेत, मैं ही श्यामल

मैं वीरों की ख्याति हूँ
मैं अग्नि हूँ, मैं ज्वाला हूँ
मैं माता की ममता हूँ
मैं प्रेम प्रसंग निराला हूँ

मैं वह ललाट हूँ जिसपर सूरज ने स्वयं तिलक किया है
मैं वह कंठ हूँ जिसने स्वयं अमृत-सुधा पिया है
श्रावण की पावन वृष्टि का मैं एक जल-बिंदु हूँ
पर अवतरित हो धरती पर, मैं असीम एक सिंधु हूँ

मैं ही श्रुति, हैं ही स्मृति
मैं ही रचना, मैं ही कृति
मैं समष्टियों का वृहत समाहार
मैं ही श्रृष्टि, स्थिति और संहार

मैं उस निराकार का स्वरुप अपार
मैं नर से नारायण का साक्षात्कार
मेरा पिंड ब्रम्हांड का दर्पण
मेरा सर्वस्व प्रभु तुझको अर्पण

शून्य ही मेरी जननी है, शून्य ही मेरा परम ध्येय
शून्य से शून्य के इस पथ का मैं पथिक, मैं अज्ञेय



Seamlessly flowing mild breeze

A subtly fragrant beautiful garden

I am the fragrance of the wet soil

I am the divine magic of this world


A seemingly unknown touch

A strange delight in heart’s core

An utterly silent spectator am I

An Orator of unsaid words am I


I am a tear hidden in rain

I am an incomplete, unexpressed love

I am the aroma of a flower withered away

I am the call of a bird trapped in a cage


The smile of a new-born

The flight of a free bird

The never-ending, unfailing trial I am

The very last breath of a sprinter I am


The unbounded, infinite, unending joy I am

The steady, unaltered, never-dying hope I am

I am the crazily dancing, uncaring madness

I am the carefree, limitless, unstoppable childhood


I am the small and the big

I am the beggar and the king

I am the stiff and the soft

I am the dark and the bright


I am the pride of the valliant

I am the fire of the flame

I am the love of the mother

I am the love of the love-story


I am the one blessed by the sun

I am the one who has drunk the divine wine

I am the tiny drop of the rain

I am the giant sea that does not refrain


I am the first scripture of the world

I am the creative and the creation

I am the collection of all collections

I am the creation, preservation and the end


I am the form of the formless

Conjunction of the man with the god

I am the mirror of the entire universe

And hence O lord! Everything mine is yours


Void is my creator, void is my goal

And in this journey from void to void, I am the traveller, the un-knowable…



I tried to the best of my ability to translate, but admittedly the translation is not as polished as it should be… Any reader is welcome to give suggestions for improvement…



When sun sets down and darkness prevails

When aimless I wander on unknown trails

When there is no light and I walk alone

When trapped is mind by fears unknown


In this darkness as life ceases to flow

Even then O Firefly! Why do you glow?


Why do you twinkle like stars in the sky?

Why do you dance and endlessly fly?

Why do you inundate the woods in glow?

Why do you put up this magnificent show?


When the sleeping world has lost all its flare

O dear Firefly! What is the joy you wish to share?


What is the pride that makes you glitter?

What is the excitement that makes you flutter?

What is the rhythm on which you beat?

What is the joy behind this feat?


You are not the moon or the star

Nor the sun that blazes from far

But still you live in the light you create

Is this the feat that with pride you celebrate?

Make me Life




Make me a smile

I will adorn a face

Be a part of the joy

And add to its grace


Make me the peace

That prevails after a strife

Make me the seed

Of genesis of life


Make me a child’s toy

I will witness his smile

The innocent expressions

In his eyes agile


Make me the thunder

Announcing the rains

Make me a raindrop

That washes off the pains


Make me a firefly

That orchestrates the show

Twinkles beneath the night sky

Spreading its glow


Make me the emotions

That flow out as tears

Make me the belief

That drives out the fears


Make me the soothing song

A comrade who walks along

The seeker of right and wrong

Walking alone on a path too long


Oh! Make me the life

Forever I shall fly

And never shall be dead

Before the day I die




Dear Readers… With this poem, I seek your leave…. Exams ahead… So shall be busy for a few weeks… Meet you in the second week of December… 🙂

एक दिन तुम आओगे | You would come one day



This poem is written in Hindi. For those of you who don’t understand the language; I have translated it in English below. Please don’t use Google to translate the page… It does a pathetic job. Sorry that I could not maintain a good flow in the translated version…

ज्ञात है कि एक दिन तुम आओगे
अपने आलिंगन में ले जाओगे
सहसा कदाचित प्रकट होगे
और सुख-दुःख मेरा हर लोगे

निराकार अदृश्य हो तुम
असीम सर्वव्याप्त हो तुम
अचल अडिग नित्य हो तुम
जीवन का अंतिम सत्य हो तुम

हर ख़ुशी की मुस्कान हो तुम
हर दुःख की अश्रुधार हो तुम
अक्षुण्ण निर्विकार हो तुम
जीवन के मूलाधार हो तुम

लोग कहते हैं बड़े क्रूर हो तुम
अनासक्त; भावनाओं से दूर हो तुम
खुशियों के नाशक हो तुम
प्रचंड तेजस्वी विनाशक हो तुम

पर हे सुख-दुःख के मूलाधार!
अदृश्य अज्ञात विश्वाधार
तुम ही तो लेकर स्वरुप अपार
करते जीवन में जीवन-संचार




I know you would come someday

Embrace me and take me away

Out of the blue you would appear

And take away my joys and fears


Invisible; formless you are

Ubiquitous; endless you are

Firm, immovable, immutable you are

The truth of life; undeniable you are


Smiles of all joys you are

Tears of all cries you are

Unimpaired; flawless you are

The basis of existence you are


They say cruel; brutal you are

Detached; stone-hearted you are

Murder of smiles you are

Fierce, ruthless destroyer you are


But O you! The pivot of peace and strife

Unknown, invisible, basis of life

Is it not you, who in the greatest form

Is the reason of life in all life-forms

Fearless I write


When emotions concealed, come out as tears
Captured is mind, silence resonates in ears
When lost is the strength, belief disappears
I throw out some words, and spit out my fears

When contentment is meager, too large is desire
When realities are too harsh, too ugly to admire
When hopes and dreams are shattered, words conspire
I scribble down my anger, to ignite a fire

When path is too tiring, and treacherous and long
When exhausted is body, too heavy to drag along
Then moments are critical, and demand you to be strong
It is when write, to sing a warrior’s song

When thrilled by success, my heart does prance
When enchanted is the mind, by its mighty expanse
When restless is soul; restless to advance
In those showers of joy, my pen too does dance

To spell out my agony, to celebrate delight
To embrace the darkness, to conjure the light
In moments of ecstasy, in moments of fright
Solely at heart’s call, fearless I write

That the powerful play goes on… and I… might just contribute a verse…

Cradle of Joys




Patiently waiting for the next dawn

Sleeps the city with a dark blanket on

A blanket so large, A blanket so grand

Beneath which does the world stand


Structure-less, formless, and all too void

A scary silence that I wish to avoid

All I see is nothing but a house of fear

But it’s too lonely and I dare not go near


But then I stand and closely observe

Patiently and silently as I hold my nerve

And slowly does the beauty emerge

A song of ecstasy is carved out of the dirge


Beneath the blanket, the city does breathe

In a land of dreams and hopes underneath

In a land of peace is a music composed

In a land of knowledge are ideas imposed


And in the dark, the eyes do dream

Of a peaceful tomorrow; of self esteem

Of a future of hope, of a future so bright

Of a brighter dawn, beyond this night


A night is a cradle of ideas and dreams

Of painful memories; experiences extreme

A cradle of love intimate and profound

A cradle of joys, yet to be found


Inspired by a poem by Sarmishtha Basu

Pearls of Memories as I Depart…

images (1)

Pigeons which sing

Peacocks which dance

Petals of love

Perfumes by chance

Purple dreams of

Pleasant tomorrow

Prosperous moments

Parting with sorrow

Purity of e​motions

Patience of mind

Peace of heart

Prosperity hard to find

Poems of joy

Portraits of strife

Pictures of bliss

Painting of life

Pearls of memories

Pleasures of rain

Peers and friends with

Promises of meeting again

Painful memoirs of

Poignant distress

Peppered on which lies

Priceless success…

This poem was written long ago for a guest post on Sakshi’s Blog
Forgot to post it on mine then… 😛

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