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Since my last post…

Since my last post…

Half an year has passed by,
Millions of leaves have fallen dry
Thousands have fled their homes;
And are living under the blue sky.

Millions of eyes, brimming with tears
Millions of hearts throbbing in fears
Thousands of bullets and hundreds of bombs
Scarring humanity for the coming years


Millions of flowers have welcomed the springs
And colourful butterflies have fluttered their wings
And gleefully have giggled the millions of kids
Under the trees, over the swings

Cutting their way against the breeze
Still sing the birds on the trees
Still does the pensive turtle
Waddle along the violent seas

Are they blind to the streams of blood?
Or oblivious to the waves of flood?
Or do they simply turn a deaf ear
To the cries of a child covered in mud?

Probably they don’t even care
For not long can darkness stare
After a time, as has always been
It will be vanished, into thin air.

Come to Form; O Formless!


O one who gives the sun its glow
O one who makes the rivers flow
In whose praise the seas do roar
Come to form; O Formless!
With a mighty uproar

O one who flows in veins as life
O one who holds us through war and strife
The creator of smile on a warrior’s face
Come to form; O Formless!
And the world you do embrace

O one who is spread on the lands so vast
O one who flutters the flags on masts
On rhythms of whom life does flow
Come to form; O Formless!
With your majestic glow

O one who transforms the sweat into grains
O one who showers new life as rains
On whose arrival the earth does smile
Come to form; O Formless!
It has been a long while…


One of the biggest Indian festivals – Durga Puja (Navratri) – is knocking on the door. And this poem calls upon the omnipresent Goddess Durga to take form and reside in our hearts. Happy Navratri to all of you.


This poem was originally written in Hindi. I then translated it to English. I tried to keep the essence intact and not the exact meaning. Here is the original poem in Hindi.

सूरज बन धधक रही जिसकी ज्वाला 

नदियों की जो उज्जवल धारा 
भर रही जो सागर में हुंकार 
समाहित है जिसमें सारा संसार 
साकार रूप में अवतरित हो; हे माँ निराकार!
शरीर में बन रक्तिम धार 
कर रही जो नव-जीवन संचार 
मन में ले  ढाँढस का अवतार 
प्रसारित कर ज्योति अपरम्पार 
साकार रूप में अवतरित हो; हे माँ निराकार!
जिसके लय पर थिरके जीवन 
ताल पे जिसके नाचे सावन 
विस्तार है जिसका अनंत अपार 
उद्घोषित कर प्रचंड रण-हुंकार 
साकार रूप में अवतरित हो; हे माँ निराकार!
सुगन्धित कर दो वन-उपवन 
बरसाकर निज-आशीष पावन 
देखो भक्तों की भीड़ अपार 
प्रतीक्षा करता सारा संसार 
साकार रूप में अवतरित हो; हे माँ निराकार!
And here is its Anglicized version… (for those who can’t read the Hindi script) …

Suraj ban dhadhak rahi jiski jwala
Nadiyon ki jo ujjwal dhaaraa
Bhar rahi jo saagar mein hunkaar
Samaahit hai jismein samast sansaar
Saakaar roop mein awtarit ho; he ma nirakaar!

Sharir mein ban raktim dhaar
Kar rahi jo nav jeewan sanchaar
Man mein le dhaandhas ka awtaar
Prasarit kar jyoti aparampaar
Saakaar roop mein awtarit ho; he ma nirakaar!

Jiske laya par thirke jeewan
Taal pe jiske naache saawan
Vistaar hai jiska anant apaar
Udghoshit kar prachand ran hunkaar
Saakaar roop mein awtarit ho; he ma nirakaar!

Sugandhit kar har van upvan
Barsakar nij aashish paawan
Dekho ma bhakton ki bheed apaar
Prateeksha karta saara sansaar
Saakaar roop mein awtarit ho; he ma nirakaar!

Just in case you are curious: The verse (shloka) in the image is in Sanskrit which translates (roughly)to…
The one who is present in all forms; in all beings and has all the powers…
One who removes all fears; We bow to that Goddess Durga…

Just like a flower


To sway in the swift summer breeze
Without compulsions but with ease
To flow with joy, sorrow and emotion
A strange lunacy, unparalleled devotion

May I live in the present, the current hour
And flow ceaseless with time, just like a flower

To bloom with glory in the springs
Or be the fragrance which it brings
To reach the pinnacle and whither away
With memories in heart of the wonderful day

May I rinse in this joyous, eternal shower
As I stand in the rain, just like a flower

With vivid colours and everlasting charm
To wear a smile and mean no harm
To be so vivid, complex yet pure
To be the joy which shall endure

May I seek such immense power
To fragrant the crusher, just like a flower

Inspired by the post by Le Superkikke

Grass in Tears

Don’t Fear… Its just a Camera…

The Tree and The Morning Sun

When Nature Greets us a Good Morning!


Let the randomness of the universe increase forever…


Sheer Bliss


Watch out for the fabulous streams
The fluttering butterfly; the million dreams
The jolly trees with their chattering leaves
Aspiring heart of the one who believes

The music of the breeze
Flowing with ease
In tunes of the song
Lost for long

The cloud which paints
Forms with no constraints
On the vast canvas unbound
Shapes familiar yet unfound

The music; the success; the glory
The satisfaction; the peace; the fury
The laugh; the cry; the pain
The great world tries to sustain

The vivid; The mysterious
The colourful; the joyous
The tiny; the elaborate
The life which we celebrate

Look at the unending grace
Waiting for someone to embrace
Close your eyes to open your mind
To the joys you are yet to find

Written in flow of emotions while listening to “Sheer Bliss” xomposed by Anuradha Pal.

Before the Sky turns Orange Again


New horizon welcomes with arms wide spread

The sky is orange with a tinge of red

Uncover your blanket as time doesn’t wait

The road is neither short, nor smooth and straight.

Eyelids are heavy and weather too cold

Yet get out of bed just to behold

The warm mild sun clearing the fog

And jolly men out for a jog

Out you go, and never turn back

In search of jewels you think you lack

Explore the woods, enjoy the rain

Before the sky turns orange again


With aspirations new and a novel song

With unending faith, a determination strong

With emotions that no word can bear

May I wish you a Happy New Year.

The Great Game of Chess

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“What do you do? I mean what do you physicists do? All you seem to be doing all day is reading books, reading research papers, (and more often) playing computer games, blogging and (most importantly) sleeping. Do you at all do anything?”

Well the question posed above; although in a satirical fashion is a genuine one. And whenever people ask them this question to anyone studying or doing physics, they receive a reply far beyond their understanding; as the answer is loaded with jargon far beyond a sane mind can grasp (that’s why we are called insane by the sanes). But let me try to put a pictorial view of the work we do in general.

According to me, we observe a game of chess – A great game of chess – (or any other game of your choice, but here I take chess as the example). This game is being played by nature, and we are both its pieces and the spectators. The aim of observation is to understand its rules as much as we can. “What’s so tough about it; go to a rule book…” they would say. But the trouble is you never have a rule book. In fact, it is the rule book that we are trying to compile.

Now here are some interesting features of the task we do

1. By mere observation, you may conclude about the allowed moves; but you can never say about what cannot be done. Just because a move was never played, can never mean that the move is not allowed. So when we see an unusual move on the board, this creates a commotion in the physics community (things like objects moving faster than light, the production of Higg’s boson – or the God Particle). And this is the time when many of our presumed rules get striped off and new rules are made.

2. What if we know a law to be true (to the greatest of beliefs)? We then try to see its implications. Or in simple terms, translate the strict and complex language of nature into a more lucid language so that they can be applied to the daily life. This is the phase of transforming the horrendous Maxwell’s Equations (sorry for the technicality – they are some ugly looking laws of light) into mobile communication, Thermodynamics (laws of heat) to automobile engine and Quantum Mechanics (the laws of small things) into Quantum Computers – computers which would be a million times faster than today’s machines (oh.. I am reminded of my soul mate).

Beyond all these, there is another greater aim of what we do.

Nature is wonderful. It is like a treasure or a mine. The more carefully you see it; the better are you able to appreciate all its secrets. Through physics we try to unearth all secrets of this beautiful place by the equipment of logic and reasoning. The pleasure it gives to dig out a single jewel from here is greater than anything that I can imagine in my highly inexperienced career. It is a joy that can truly never perish.

What do you picture the portrait of nature? Tell me if you like…

And Merry Christmas to you all…

Moods of the Sky

It is amazing to see how different colours spread very differently on the greatest canvas the the world…

Presenting the shades of the same canvas at different times and at different places…










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