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The Complete

पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदम् पूर्णात् पूर्णमुदच्यते |

पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ||

Translated as

This is complete; that too is complete. What this completeness yields itself is complete.

And from this completeness; even if the complete is taken out, what remains is complete.

A verse from the Isha Upnishad which which has intrigued me since childhood. Not only due to the marvelous rhythm of the verse itself (which was the first reason to get attracted to it), but also due to the layers of meanings that one can derive out of it.

The first quarter beautifully states that “Not only this; but even that is complete… Everything around us is complete.” Complete in what sense? I feel it to be complete in manifestation. Complete in its identity. Complete in its reason to exist. What it also indicates is as all are complete; hence all are equal. How is it that everything is complete? It says, “What completeness yields is also complete.” It is a self propagating engine. And hence the source of all completeness, which is also complete, which we (probably naively) call the creator. And if the complete creator, creates us; we too are complete… We too are the manifestations of the same creator… so much so, that we are the creators in our own right.

The last part is the most fascinating. “Even if complete is taken out from the complete, what remains is complete.” Completeness is unharmed, indestructible. Howsoever large part of it do you try to carve out; the complete still remains complete. Whatever you do to the creator, the creator remains unaltered.

I can’t help but bring out the parallel with the concept of infinity. In science and mathematics, whatever you add or subtract to infinity, it remains unaltered.

Irrespective of truth and validity of mythology, the fact remains that some brilliant minds could think and perceive of these ideas thousands of years ago and moreover put them in such beautiful poetic forms. Respect is a small word for them…

The Festival of Spring


Fragrance spreading in the breeze
Flowers swaying, chattering trees
Restless butterflies fluttering in joy
Birds singing melodies for hearts to enjoy.

O Mother! the charming, the peaceful, the wise
With you the treasure of music lies
The source of wisdom; be one with my soul
Help me achieve the long envisioned goal

The source of music, the eternal sound
Accompanied by joy, spreading all around
Bless the the world with the season of love
May we bathe in the showers of blessings from above.

Yesterday, we celebrated Vasant Panchmi: The festival of spring and the day to worship Ma Saraswati: The Goddess of wisdom and music. And hence did the spring, officially arrive in India.

What is it that we call Almighty

The warm sun in the sky which greets

The tender sapling beside the streets

The sapling amazed by the world so bright

As he sees the first daylight


Looking around, he searches for mates

Some tender, and others too great

He feels the breeze, and joyous he sways

Unaware of the sorrows and dismays.


How did the trees grow so tall?

Why do some fly while others crawl?

Oh dear sun; the bright; the mighty!

What is it that we call almighty?


And then the sun, shining high

Showed the sapling how birds fly

The joy and thrill to be absolutely free

To fly for miles and find a tree.

And then he said of the Kukoo’s song

The giant elephants with trunks too long

The flowers which blossom; the fragrance they spread

The colours they posses – blue, yellow and red.

All of us come here with an aim

A target; an objective we have to proclaim

A dream to add to the beauty of nature

To admire the present and build a future

Here I am on the top of the sky

Watching you all as you laugh and cry

It is my warmth that helps you grow

It is me who guides you through rain and snow.

We all seek joy peace and satisfaction

Joy of achievement, completeness and perfection

This joy is what we seek precisely

This joy is what we call almighty.

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