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The Unending Game


As I stand on the sea-shore
With waves washing my feet
I drown into my pensive lanes
As I see them retreat

Million forms of the formless
And yet they are the same
Million colours of the colourless
Playing the same old game

Thousand waves that strike a day
Trying hard to gain some land
Endless efforts go in vain
Invincible stands the rule of sand

And then to roaring seas I ask
“What do you boast of all day
There is no song of glory to sing
You try in vain, the world does say”

Smiling at me the giant said
I seek no songs, no glories, no praise
All those are transient, they come and go
It is the joy that forever stays

Where is the joy you talk about
In this never ending game?
Never shall you gain an inch
The land shall forever be same

What do you think of the sand below
Lying beneath your innocent feet?
Weren’t they rocks, years ago
Smashed by the game of approach and retreat?

From rocks to stones to pebbles to sand
And all the snow in all the land
With stories untold, come to me
To loose themselves and merge with the grand

One day, to me, you too would come
As a part of this unending game
And so would everything under sun
But I shall still remain the same…

Dancing In Madness

As I stand and adore this land
Where the mighty sea meets the sand
Where winds strong kiss the sea
And create waves and let them free

Where the sea does endlessly try
To quench the thirst of the lands dry
Wave after wave it tries in vain
Ages have passed, not an inch did it gain

I stand and absorb the nectar of delight
As I free my mind with the birds’ flight
Dive into an ocean where materials lose their meaning
And all that is left is emotion and joy unending

Waves of elation, sorrow and pain
Hit the rocks reduce them to grain
Demolishing the boulders of ignorance and fear
Creating sands of experience and wisdom clear

I feel the nature dancing around
Dancing in joy immesurable and unbound
Celebrating the creation, existance and destruction
Immersed in this cycle of joy sorrow and satisfaction

And now as I turn to a trail unknown
A path scary, now seems my own
Fearless with knowledge I advance
With elation in heart, madly do I dance…

Diu Trip in Photos: Part 5: Nagoa Beach

One of the most celebrated beaches of Diu featuring the unique branched palm trees… and of course the waves…

Diu Trip in Photos: Part 4: INS Khukri

On one of the most picturesque shores of Diu lies the memorial of INS Khukri which sank near the Diu coast as she was hit by three torpedoes during the 1971 Indo-Pak War. May the Gallantry Warriors rest in peace.








Diu Trip in Photos: Part 2: Portuguese Fort

Daman and Diu was a Portuguese colony till 1965. Here are snapshots from the invincible Portuguese fort of Diu.

Diu Trip in Photos: Part 1: Somnath Temple

This week, no more writing: Let the Images Speak


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