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The World as I see it



Make me Life




Make me a smile

I will adorn a face

Be a part of the joy

And add to its grace


Make me the peace

That prevails after a strife

Make me the seed

Of genesis of life


Make me a child’s toy

I will witness his smile

The innocent expressions

In his eyes agile


Make me the thunder

Announcing the rains

Make me a raindrop

That washes off the pains


Make me a firefly

That orchestrates the show

Twinkles beneath the night sky

Spreading its glow


Make me the emotions

That flow out as tears

Make me the belief

That drives out the fears


Make me the soothing song

A comrade who walks along

The seeker of right and wrong

Walking alone on a path too long


Oh! Make me the life

Forever I shall fly

And never shall be dead

Before the day I die




Dear Readers… With this poem, I seek your leave…. Exams ahead… So shall be busy for a few weeks… Meet you in the second week of December… 🙂

Fearless I write


When emotions concealed, come out as tears
Captured is mind, silence resonates in ears
When lost is the strength, belief disappears
I throw out some words, and spit out my fears

When contentment is meager, too large is desire
When realities are too harsh, too ugly to admire
When hopes and dreams are shattered, words conspire
I scribble down my anger, to ignite a fire

When path is too tiring, and treacherous and long
When exhausted is body, too heavy to drag along
Then moments are critical, and demand you to be strong
It is when write, to sing a warrior’s song

When thrilled by success, my heart does prance
When enchanted is the mind, by its mighty expanse
When restless is soul; restless to advance
In those showers of joy, my pen too does dance

To spell out my agony, to celebrate delight
To embrace the darkness, to conjure the light
In moments of ecstasy, in moments of fright
Solely at heart’s call, fearless I write

That the powerful play goes on… and I… might just contribute a verse…

Once Again…

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Once again does roar the thunder
Once again pours down the rain
Once again does the world wonder
Is it the time when you end our pain?

Once again filled is the breeze
In those melodius tunes divine
And restless am I to flow in ease
Amongst the waves of joy prestine

Once again does the world await
To get a glance of the innocent smile
The smile too rare, the smile too great
The smile mysitifying, yet too agile

Once again are the earthen pots
Filled up with milk and butter
As we wait for you mischievious lot
To see you steal them without any clutter

Adorned with your peacock quill
Come O Lord with a flute in hand
O carrier of joy, peace and goodwill
Come again to embrace this land…

A Very Happy Janmashtami to all of you.

Krishna, one of the most beloved characters of Hindu Mythology was born on this day. May he reside in our hearts forever…

Dedicated to him is this beautiful music on his own musical instrument… The Flute… Enjoy…

A Journey called life…



As molecules combined

and emotions intertwined

One of the true marvels of nature

In a hope for a better future

Created was a life form new

With opportunities and expectations due


Society sought a hope, a desire

Someone they thought would have the fire

To reduce the suffering and pains they face

And make the world a better place


And hence was nurtured the fate of the boy

Experiencing the tastes of sorrow and joy

Inherited he the knowledge of the greats

Prepared was he for the future that awaits


A hope remains as he moves on

Trying to add to the beauty of the dawn

With a will to try till the very end

On the the ladder of success to forever ascend


He slips sometimes but never looses sight

Of the ever-guiding beam of light

A desire, a hope and a dream

To bathe in the endless joyous stream


To add a true smile to a face

And make him live in a better place

A hope of a victory after the strife

At the end of a journey called life


21 years of this journey have passed and I can only hope that this thirst never dies because without this desire, life won’t be worth living…


By the way it would be my first birthday in air on the 15th. And yes, I am going back to my motherland India…



Next post from the land of culture, tradition and diversity 🙂

When I Forget Myself


This is a poem that I write to myself for a day when I betray my nation and settle abroad. I earnestly hope I would never need to read it to myself…

Millions of dreams seen in eyes
Aspirations that grow as time flies
Hopes conjured of a better tomorrow
With much more joy and lesser sorrow

Don’t you see the privileged one!
The clever, the talented, second to none;
The endless desire, the helpless stare
Which looks upon you in times of despair?

You live in the land that sings of glory
Relive the pride, the forgotten story
Today our mother carves for the golden days
When knowledge and culture flowed our ways

What makes you leave your mother in pain?
There is wrong to be corrected; do not refrain
There are beautiful places you aspire to roam
But nowhere else will you find a second home

Millions of shoulders you stand upon
How dare you forget them and try to move on?
You traitor! who sings a selfish tone
Who used their dreams to live his own

Coward you are; scared of grief
You stole their hopes; you are a thief!
Didn’t think twice as you betrayed their future
You selfish man; a shameless creature!

Time is not gone; you are not dead
There is a hope; waiting to be spread
Come back to yourself; in this lovely world
There is a flag; waiting to be unfurled

The value of a smile is too high to be measured
For it has nothing but true joy to be treasured
Embrace the nation as she embraces you
See her smile as you start your life anew

Lost Childhood

A carefree face, a pleasing smile

So innocent; my heart stops for a while

Eyes large; and full of joy

Searching for his favorite toy

There it is! and flash, he goes

Out of his heart, laughter flows

A laugh which hides no pain

A laugh which knows no loss or gain

Hours of play; no rest or respite

Wanders his mind in unbound flight

Then greets his dad with hugs and kisses

Tosses his child up, and then he catches

Fearless, the child gives a zealous call

He knows his father won’t let him fall

He laughs without fear, tension or grief

So strong is the faith; so firm the belief

I stand and watch; the marvel of nature

And try to to peak into his distant future

Will he not lose the carefree face?

Will he withstand the mean world’s embrace?

Will clouds of fear not question his faith

When he encounters the unjust’s wraith?

Will he be able to smile as I could

In my own; lost childhood?

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