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Paradise… Not too far…

With not much money in hand and just the strong breeze as my companion, I visited a place, which I am convinced is not far from paradise. A city so wonderfully built that one can walk through its lanes forever and never get tired (I walked for 4 hours, and want to visit the city again). Not many ‘tourist spots’ as such but the city by itself is definitely worth a visit. Officially I visited only two spots… The Kronenburger Park and the Bridge. But what I enjoyed the most was walking on the streets…

Here are the flowers which greet you as you enter the park…




And if that was not enough to bring a smile onto your face, meet these extremely fearless birds. They hardly do care about a huge 6 feet tall figure approaching them (oops I forgot; I used to be tall in India… Here they might be habituated to see taller figures all day 😦 ).






Well talking of heights, there were two ‘creatures’ who really stand tall, gaurding the city…


Ya.. but we too are humans, it wouldn’t be difficult for us to cross the bridge…


stand on one of them and look around the park…


And then again… I move on through the streets to click snaps of the city which embaraces you with its charm…





Only to reach the railway station…


whose call to come back home was ignored by the enchanted traveler. Strolling through further in the opposite direction (guided by the faint memory of Google Maps), I come across a street which caught my attention; and 15 seconds later did I realise that I was on the Bridge… and hence started my long walk across the Bridge…










On my way back, standing on a bridge vibrating along with the breeze, and looking at the amazing city, I realised, maybe this is the way, we the humans can add our bit to the beauty of nature, and perhaps make it closer to the paradise…

Off to the Lowlands!


I am shocked; terribly shocked! I know, I was not expected to be so, but this factor just seemed to slip off my mind. Living in a tropical country like India, one merely gets the feeling of the days getting longer in the summers and shorter in the winters. However yesterday I incidentally had a look on the sunrise and sunset times in Netherlands and I was astonished. “How on earth can sun set at 10:00 PM at a place?” was the reaction. I am still unable to digest the fact that this can happen. Now you may call me stupid as I knew (since ages) that the poles have 6 months each of day and night; and this ‘change’ should not happen suddenly; but ya…my brain didn’t take that into account somehow. (By the way, now I can appreciate why Norway is called ‘the land of midnight sun’ 🙂 )

Anyways, I am off to Netherlands in a couple of days for a summer internship (for two months). So, most probably, next post will be from the land of men who conquered the sea. The budget is extremely tight but let us see what is in store there… Lots of work I guess…

Any suggestions for a first time abroad visitor?

Restaurants and Food at Ahmadabad

The four layered Mocktail

Clicks of Some Mouth-Watering Delicacies…At Ahmedabad

Panner Tikka Masala
Another Delicacy: The Name Betrayed my memory
The all time favorite: Tandoori Chicken



Kankaria Lake: The Final Destination in Ahmadabad

Here are the snapshots of Kankaria Lake: A perfect circular man-made lake in Ahmadabad.





Around Ahmadabad in a Day

The Sabarmati Ashram: The Memories of Mahatma Gandhi

Hathi Singh Jain Temple


Siddi Sayak Mosque

Jummi Mosque



Bhadra Fort

Shaking Minarets

Diu Trip in Photos: Part 5: Nagoa Beach

One of the most celebrated beaches of Diu featuring the unique branched palm trees… and of course the waves…

Diu Trip in Photos: Part 4: INS Khukri

On one of the most picturesque shores of Diu lies the memorial of INS Khukri which sank near the Diu coast as she was hit by three torpedoes during the 1971 Indo-Pak War. May the Gallantry Warriors rest in peace.








Diu Trip in Photos Part 3: The Diu Caves

Caves – Sites which interest me the most

Diu Trip in Photos: Part 2: Portuguese Fort

Daman and Diu was a Portuguese colony till 1965. Here are snapshots from the invincible Portuguese fort of Diu.

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